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Interview with Becky Garrison on the Natural and Supernatural Worldviews

"Becky Garrison is speaking out, and I hope others gain courage by reading her punchy, provocative, intelligent, and energetic new book. And yes, she jabs with both her elbows, so both left and right can get some needed bruising. Highly recommended."
—Brian D. McLaren, pastor (

Who made God?
B. Dehler

Bernie Dehler conducted a webcast interview with Becky Garrison. The video is now online and available for free viewing: . Becky is a "religion news" reporter and also author of these books:

Becky's webpage can be found here: .

Both Bernie and Becky have attended Christian seminary. Bernie is now an atheist, and Becky most closely self-identifies as a "seeker" or agnostic. In this video they discuss different ideas regarding the supernatural and natural worldviews.

Bernie Dehler is the President of The Center for Philosophical Naturalism. To see other events sponsored by the Center for Philosophical Naturalism, click here: . They also have videos available on their free YouTube channel here: .

Other Portland-area community, secular, and philosophical groups can also be found at . For example, these are some of the groups that Portland has to offer:
-- Westside Science & Religion Disc.:
-- Sunday Assembly:
-- Center for Inquiry:
-- Humanists of Greater Portland:
-- Atheists Etcetera:
-- Philosophy Workshop:

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