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Interview with author Kaylin McFarren

Kaylin McFarren
Colleen Cahill,

Kaylin McFarren is a Troutdale based writer who is the author of the Threads series. Kaylin is the former owner and director of Yoshida’s Fine Art Gallery in Portland.

Portland Author’s Examiner: What is your Threads series about?

Kaylin: The Threads series consists of three books taking my thrill-seeking treasure hunters on adventures in California, Japan and England. The first book, Severed Threads, introduces my main characters who share a troubled past and are forced into recovering the treasure on board an ancient Chinese merchant ship. Both Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen have people in their lives depending on them for their survival, and the clock is ticking as danger continues to grows. The second book, Buried Threads, takes this couple on a dangerous mission to recover three cursed samurai swords in order to prevent a Buddhist monk's world-shattering prophecy from coming true. In order to do this, they must form alliances with shady characters, including a Yakuza gang leader, a female avenger, and a beautiful, secretive geisha. The last book, Banished Threads, will be available in December and takes my dynamic duo to England on vacation where their talents are called upon to solve a robbery in a prestigious art gallery and a murder involving the heroine's uncle.

Portland Author’s Examiner: What inspired you to write the series?

Kaylin: I love developing complex characters with flaws, excess baggage, and relationship issues. I also enjoy reading mystery novels, especially when they're filled with action and suspense. While in the midst of writing the first book in the "Threads" series, I realized I could take my hero and heroine to exotic locations filled with danger and hardships they would have to endure in order to fulfill their contractual obligations and at the same time mend their damaged relationship. Now that I'm completing the last book in the series, I find myself attached to Chase Cohen and Rachel Lyons and letting go in order to move on in a new direction will be harder than I originally anticipated.

Portland Author’s Examiner: What kind of research did you do for your book series?

Kaylin: I have spend a lot of time in libraries and on-line studying scuba diving, treasure hunting, engineering, trade routes, various cultures, and history in general. I also interviewed individuals with expertise and experience in the fields covered in my stories. All in all, I would have to say that a good 2-3 months goes into research and outlining a story before I write the first word.

Portland Author’s Examiner: How did your experience with owning an antique shop/art gallery influence your writing?

Kaylin: I learned a lot about customer and artist relationships which helped me understand the dynamics of marketing and promoting one's talent.

Portland Author’s Examiner: What is it about Oregon that inspires you to write?

Kaylin: In spring, summer and fall, the beautiful scenery, organic smells, and peaceful sounds from nature open your mind to possibilities. Then, in the winter, when the rains begin, the lush, damp greenery seen through the windows in my study transports my mind to exotic places and provides a great excuse for planting myself in front of my computer and creating another story.

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