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Interview with Artistry consultant Pakou Yang Vang

Artistry cosmetics is a brand that a lot of us haven’t heard of. Or if we have, we all have assumed it’s quite expensive. So instead of letting you go through the hassle of finding the website and talking to someone you don’t know over the phone or online, I already did the hard work for you.
Meet Pakou Yang Vang, the Artistry consultant who will share with you today what you need to know. Read on to find out about pricing, what products are the hottest, what products are right for you, and how to order.
Houa: How did you get into the cosmetic industry?
Pakou: Ever since I was four years old, I've always remembered loving everything about makeup! Growing up I did makeovers for friends and family, and the feeling of making someone feel special or beautiful was something that I really enjoyed. It's so magical! That's why I chose to become an Artistry Consultant because I get to re-live that experience over and over again! Artistry not only enhances a woman's natural beauty, but it also provides the best quality of makeup and skincare for a very affordable price!
H: What would you recommend for someone with dry skin?
P: I'd recommend the Artistry Essentials Hydrating Skin Care System. Why? Because it instantly hydrates the skin and keeps the moisture balanced throughout the day with just three simple steps! It includes a hydrating cleanser: to reveal fresher skin, toner: to energize skin, and lotion SPF 15: for prevention.
H: What would you recommend for someone with oily skin?
P: I'd recommend the Artistry Essentials Balancing Skin Care System. Why? Because it controls shine throughout the day with just three simple steps! It's got tri-balance with natural ingredients like Indian fig and acerola cherry to help equalize and control oil for skin that's balanced and hydrated.
H: Are Artistry products safe for people with sensitive skin?
P: Yes! Artistry products are safe for all skin types, including sensitive. If someone is sunscreen sensitive, they should apply Artistry Essentials Soothing Creme (a creme perfect for stressed or sensitive skin) before they put on their daily SPF lotion.
H: What is the most popular selling product of Artistry?
P: The most popular selling product is the Artistry Time Defiance Skin Care System. It's the most advanced anti-aging Artistry skin care system available! Everyone who tries it loves it because of the effectiveness! The results are immediate, with 41% younger looking skin in just 12 weeks! Another popular product is the Artistry Lip Shine because it gives lips a smooth and polished look. It also helps soften and protect lips from cracking. And unlike any other lip gloss, it leaves lips feeling smooth, not sticky.
H: Is the makeup waterproof?
P: No, Artistry makeup is not waterproof. The only waterproof product is the Artistry Total Mascara. It's also smudge-proof, and has a built-in boost of vitamin E to help nourish and condition lashes.
H: What can someone use if their makeup eye shadow tends to fade into their crease?
P: They can use either the Artistry Hydrating or Balancing Foundation, (depending on their skin type) and the Artistry Loose Powder. First, apply foundation and loose powder to the crease, then apply a light-colored wash to the lid and crease as a base.
H: How much would you have to invest in a product?
P: Usually it goes anywhere from $7.00 to $170.00, depending on what you're looking for. Artistry is one of the top five most prestigious makeup brands in the world. Compared to other prestigious brands out there, Artistry products are very affordable in pricing, and it offers the same or even better quality! To me, it's worth every penny to invest in quality products such as Artistry. Just take a minute to ask yourself: How much is my face worth to me? Your face will surely show how much you're willing to invest in it! After all, we need to take good care of our skin because it is the largest organ on our bodies! I promise that if you invest in an Artistry product, you will find yourself loving it so much, you won't want to go back to what you used before. It's that amazing!! Try it!
H: What steps would a customer have to take to order a product?
P: You would have to register first as a customer. It's free! All they need to do is click the "Register" tab at the top right. Or they can also email me if they want me to register them. After they register, they'd have to click the "Beauty" tab under JP Business Group to get to Artistry. 
I want to thank Pakou for giving me this opportunity to share with all of you the products that Artistry has available for you. If you would like to order products or ask about becoming a consultant with Artistry, you may contact Pakou at For product ordering, please contact Pakou at her email.


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