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Interview with actress Margaret Bishop on recent gigs and film role (Photos)

On Feb. 19, 2014, actress and model Margaret Bishop, who resides in Cape Coral, Fla., shared about some of her recent acting gigs. One of them included her film role as Emma Hurring in "Casting." Bishop shot this month on location in Naples and Fort Myers.

Margaret Bishop
Margaret Bishop, Photo: Courtesy
"Emma Hurring" on film set
DP Ernesto Lasso de la Vega and Margaret Bishop on film set, Photo: Courtesy

How did you become involved with this film?

"I became involved for two reasons. My agent Geri Muck, who owns Protocol Models on the Gulf, represents me. Also, Geri and I learned about the film around the same time. We are members of the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA), and UFTA is the film's production company."

Were you part of the film from its inception?

"I pretty much was, although I understand that the film 'Casting' had been in pre-production since early 2013, and it was in the planning stages before that for years. When I was cast I was told my part was basically created for me. I found out later why!

What was it like working on the film set and being in character?

"It was great! The energy on set was amazing. I was so excited to be there and be a part of this cast. Portraying the role of Emma Hurring was fun. Her personality is not too far fetched from my own, as she and I are always in a hurry (thus her name).

I filmed all day Saturday with a call time of 8:30 a.m. I worked on set the next day at a different location with fellow cast member Rick Vorell. For me, the highlight that day was doing my own stunts, as I was driving in a speeding car!

In conclusion, Margaret Bishop shares what she thinks about acting and her upcoming plans with "Casting."

"I have to say that acting is where my passion lies. I'm so glad I was part of this film and look forward to future acting gigs, plus "Casting's" premiere. I understand that the film will be entered into film festivals. I can't wait to attend!"

Thank you Margaret for sharing about the film shoot. Fans can learn more about Margaret Bishop's other gigs below and at article's various links, including Protocol Models on the Gulf and UFTA.

Recent gigs for Margaret Bishop

  • Short film "Casting" (2014) as Emma Hurring
  • Mystery Theatre Troupe - "Madd Men" Principal role as Peggy Olsen
  • VendScreen Product Promo - Lead Business Woman
  • Sunshine Ace commercial (non broadcast) - as featured mom

Enjoy above video on "Spectacular Stunt Driving."

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