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Interview with actress Amanda K. Hootman on Disney World Marathon (Photos)

On Jan. 19, 2014, actress Amanda K. Hootman shared about her participation at the Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, Fla. Hootman's input and photos became available today, and she provided her pre-marathon and marathon experiences, plus charity volunteering update, with

Amanda K. Hootman runs Disney Marathon
Amanda K. Hootman runs Disney World Marathon, Photo: Courtesy
Amanda K. Hootman completes Disney World Marathon
Amanda K. Hootman completes Disney World Marathon, Photo: Courtesy

Just days before the marathon Hootman was active in a three week tour of the UK with the stage show "A Christmas Carol - The Musical. How did you find the time?

"I had little time, in between rehearsals and the production, to run on UK soil in preparing for the marathon that would soon take place across the pond!"

Amanda K. Hootman is a Guilford School of Acting graduate. She is also an award-winning actress and singer who took on the challenge of running this marathon, a charity run at that!

One might think that Hootman had good excuses not to run, but instead, she was a trooper. Like in show biz she knew "the race must go on!"

In her first week of rehearsals, between her running and dancing, Hootman lost weight, got sick with a cold, did the show tour, had to pack for her return trip to America (one week before the marathon), with no more time to run. To top it off, she left her trusty running shoes in the UK, had to buy a new pair when she got home, something one just doesn't do, but she had no choice, and carried on.

Back home in America, (Fort Myers, Fla.), with her new shoes, costume, blisters and leg cramps, Hootman had only days to "get it together" physically for the race, and that she did. During the race she even took time to pose for photos. Hootman is easy to identify for she is dressed up as a "mermaid" (with legs)!" Did you enjoy it?

"I had decided, even before I signed up last April, that since this was my first race, and it was a DISNEY race, I was not going to run it for time. Rather, I was going to stop and take lots of pictures and enjoy the en route entertainment. Which is exactly what I did!" (see slideshow)

The race, by the way, was for Make A Wish and Starlight charities and can be found at 26.2 Magical Miles (at Disney World), My Running Blog, and at My Running Fundraiser Page one can learn more about the charities. They are still accepting donations.

The Walt Disney World Marathon was an amazing experience. In spite of all of the odds stacked against Hootman, and she enjoyed every minute of it. She can’t say for sure if she would have had the same success in another marathon. She said she thought the magic of Disney kept her going!

Before the marathon, however, Hootman had not so positive thoughts, at least for a moment. Amanda, what happened?

"The morning of the race, (Jan. 12, 2014), I woke up at 3 a.m. I went to the bathroom and had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Why did I sign up to do this? What was I thinking? Was I going to finish? Would they sweep me, because I’m too slow from not training for months? Would I give up?

Turns out Hootman ran the marathon on almost no training, in a costume she had never worn before, on tired feet with shoes she had never worn either, but still, during the race she never stopped smiling the entire time. She finished the race in exactly six hours and 30 seconds! Will you do this again?

"The race was wonderful! I'm definitely doing it again some time! I just wrote a blog about the race at It was something in which I did everything wrong, and it still turned out fine!"

Not all is covered here of what Amanda K. Hootman "went through" concerning her stage production, move back to America, marathon preparations, and then some.

Hootman might not recommend runners to do what she did, but in this case it worked out for her, as her goals were met. Her main goal was and is to help raise funds for the Make A Wish and Starlight charities!

Thank you Amanda K. Hootman for sharing with us. To learn more about this talented actress, the race, and charities, go to Hootman at Amanda K. Hootman, Entertainer, Race Results, 26.2 Magical Miles (at Disney World), My Running Blog and My Running Fundraiser Page. Remember, they are still accepting donations.

Enjoy video above on "Behind the Scenes of Walt Disney World Resort."

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