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Interview Tip #7 Strike a pose

Strike a pose
Strike a pose
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Review. By now you are getting the idea that there is really a lot involved when experts and others tell you to “make sure to prepare for an interview!” Already, in previous articles have covered:

Practicing – Over Preparing

Taking Notes

Wearing Appropriate and Comfortable Clothes.

Visit the location the day before the interview

Relax – do try to cram for an important interview

So far in this series we have talked mainly about how to prepare to attend the interview. Tip #6 was the first tip concerned with DURING THE INTERVIEW.

During an interview, we sometimes worry that the interviewer will wonder if we have “spaced out” or “lost it” if it takes too long to speak. In actuality, thinking is a routine and necessary part of any communication. You may speak quickly when talking to a friend about an exciting event you just experienced. However, this speech pattern would certainly raise eyebrows in an interview setting.

One quality that employers are seeking and appreciate is thoughtfulness. So why would you worry about appearing thoughtful. Try to maintain this perspective to avoid speaking too rapidly or rushing to fill up silence with nonsense syllables.

To help you during an interview, start by thinking about if you have a pose you normally strike when thinking. If nothing comes to mind, ask a friend or loved one. Maybe you put a hand on your chin? Or tap your finger lightly on your wrist? Some people give their ear lobe a light tug.

These may be appropriate clue for the interviewer that you are processing their question – giving it THOUGHT.

Or, you can rephrase the question while culling your mind for the perfect words. Sometimes, clients feel more comfortable saying something like, “That is a good question, I am giving that some thought.” A combination of a pose and an actual statement that you are thinking can also be employed, of course.

To recap

It is okay to think during an interview

Employers will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will not think you “spaced out”

Adopt a thinking pose to send a clear message, or

Verbally indicate you are giving the question the thought it deserves.

So, you have practiced (see Interview Tip #1), prepared your notes (Tip #2), and have appropriate, comfortable clothes to wear (see Interview Tip #3), Interview Tip #4 shared the importance of visiting the location the day before, and Tip #5, was relax. They all addressed preparation and tips for before the interview. Tip # 6 (Breathe), Tip #7 Strike a pose, Tip #8 Smile, and Tip #9 - Ask Questions and Interview Tip #10 (Watch your body language) deal with that nerve racking During-The-Interview period.

Good Luck!

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