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Interview Tip #6 Breathe

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Review. By now you are getting the idea that there is really a lot involved when experts and others tell you to “make sure to prepare for an interview!” Already, in previous articles have covered:

Practicing – Over Preparing
Taking Notes
Wearing Appropriate and Comfortable Clothes.
Visit the location the day before the interview
Relax – do try to cram for an important interview

So far in this series we have talked about how to prepare to attend the interview. Tip #6 is the first tip concerned with DURING THE INTERVIEW.

Even the most practiced speaker does it – we all do. Um, I mean most of us… Some of us do it because we are nervous. Others to fill the quiet space between sentences. To many it buys some time to think of what to say next. Often it is just a habit we are not aware of.

If you are preparing for an important interview (aren’t they all important!), you will want to start banishing these fillers in your everyday speech. Certainly, be aware of ums and uhs while practicing how we will answer certain interview questions. Sometimes it helps to replace bad habits with good ones.

Breathe instead of saying um, uh, etc. You may get most nervous when you have to speak in a public or unique situation – such as an interview! Instead of filling the silence with random syllables, breathe in. You might find it helpful to press you tongue to the roof of your mouth to remind yourself that there is no need to fill every silence.

Sometimes we stammer when we are trying to find the right words and feel the pressure. Again, try to focus on breathing in once then out or press your tongue to the roof of your mouth while you think. This is usually enough to buy you time to find your language.

There are other techniques you can employ:
Tapping your leg
Pressing a nail into your palm (a finger nail!)
Casually adjusting a bracelet – a replacement for snapping a rubberband
Tug your earlobe gently
What tricks have you used successfully?

So, you have practiced (see Interview Tip #1), prepared your notes (Tip #2), and have appropriate, comfortable clothes to wear (see Interview Tip #3), Interview Tip #4 shared the importance of visiting the location the day before, and Tip #5, was relax. They all addressed preparation and tips for before the interview. Tip # 6 (Breathe), Tip #7 Strike a pose, and the next tips deal with that nerve racking During-The-Interview period. Join me next time for Tip #8….

Good Luck!
Here is a list of resources for possible interview questions and other resources:
Articles in my blog
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