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Interview Tip # 4 Visit the location early

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Review. By now you are getting the idea that there is really a lot involved when experts and others tell you to “make sure to prepare for an interview!” Already, we have covered

Practicing – Over Preparing

Taking Notes

Wearing Appropriate and Comfortable Clothes.

Confidence. You have no doubt also noticed that a running theme is feeling confident! You certainly want to come across to the employer in your best possible light. Even more, you want to FEEL confident and sell yourself to the employer. That’s right – sell yourself. It is hard to do if you are not feeling confident and following all these tips will help.

Visit the location early. If you visit the location you can visualize the setting and add to your confidence this will also ensure that you know about any construction or other anomalies that may impact your arrival time with a calm, cool, demeanor.

Public. If it is a public location a quick reconnaissance will provide additional information to increase your comfort level and limit any fears that can be fed by the unknown. You will rest more peacefully knowing a bit more about where you are headed. And who knows, you may think of something to ask about or mention during the interview!

Not Accessible. If you are not able to access the actual building, at least drive there. You can sometimes learn a lot about the culture by arriving at lunch time to see who leaves and not their demeanor or group behavior. Any additional information will not only increase your confidence – it may also add to your conversation before during or after an interview.

Tour. One of my favorite questions when offered the opportunity at the end of an interview is “Can I get a tour?” It can seem even more natural if you can add something like “I noticed or I wondered about…” (Regardless, interviewers ALWAYS receive requests for tours positively).

Recap. So just to recap, by visiting the location in person the day before the interview you will:

1) Increase confidence

2) Determine accurate travel and entrance times

3) Identify additional conversational items

4) Gain a reason to ask for a tour

So, you have practiced (see Interview Tip #1), prepared your notes (Tip #2), and have appropriate, comfortable clothes to wear (see Interview Tip #3), Interview Tip #4 shared the importance of visiting the location the day before, and Tip #5, was relax. They all addressed preparation and tips for before the interview. Tip # 6 (Breathe), this one and the next tips deal with that nerve racking During-The-Interview period. Join me next time for Tip #8….

Good Luck!

Here is a list of resources for possible interview questions and other resources:

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