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Interview: the truth about acai berry and weight loss

Acai Berry
Acai Berry
Mark Dilworth

An Interview with: Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS

Interviewed by: Mark Dilworth, BA, PES

This interview will clear up some beliefs held by many about the acai berry.

Q: Why did acai berry become so popular?

A: Acai berry has been tagged one of the superfruits of the world. It got most of its popularity from being mentioned on Oprah with Dr. Oz, discussing what he felt were powerful foods everyone should be eating.

Q: So, why do people think that acai berry helps with weight loss?

A: He mentioned acai berry as a powerful antioxidant fruit and briefly mentioned that there was one study conducted that indicated there may be potential for it to help with weight loss.

That is all the scam artists had to hear. They could have cared less about the proven health benefits. They wanted the word weight loss mentioned so that they could go and promote acai berry as a miracle weight loss product. No science has ever been behind it, yet tens of thousands of people have been duped into buying acai berry to help lose weight. All that happened to them was loss of money because once they gave these scammers their credit card, the charges just kept coming and you couldn't turn it off.

Acai berry is not a weight loss ingredient. It has never been proven to be a weight loss ingredient. Everything you see with acai berry and weight loss is all hype and false.

Q: Why should a person eat acai berry?

A: Acai berry is a powerful antioxidant fruit. What this means is it provides antioxidants that fight off and kill 'free radical' molecules in our body. These free radicals, as scientists are starting to show, may lead to many diseases and illnesses we get such as cancer. So, we want to kill as many of these as we can and not let them build up in our body.

The reason acai berry is so powerful is because it is grown in a region of the world where the sunlight is real intense. Well, to survive, this fruit needs to develop its own antioxidants to fight off the sun's strong oxidizing UV rays. What results is a fruit with high levels of anthocyanins, which is a powerful antioxidant.

The great thing is these powerful anthocyanins are still beneficial even when we consume the acai berry fruit. Through technology, scientists have been able to take this fruit and freeze dry it into a stable powder that still contains all the health benefits of the real fruit.

To give you some examples of how powerful acai berry is as an antioxidant, acai berry contains 10-30 times the anthocyanins as red wine. It also has 10 times the antioxidant potential of grapes.

Acai berry is actually a very powerful fruit that is good for you, but don't consume it thinking it will help you lose weight faster. Consume acai berry to help you fight off the free radicals that are damaging your body that may lead to serious diseases.

Thank you Jayson for the truthful answers about the real benefits of acai berry!

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