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Interview: Stephen Lang talks about working on Call of Duty: Ghosts

Stephen Lang for Call of Duty: Ghosts
Juan Martinez

For those keeping score, Stephen Lang is two for two when it comes to picking blockbusters. The renowned actor, who has accumulated quite the IMDB resume for his roles on Broadway and in films like Public Enemies, is most well-known to movie fans as Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar - only the biggest movie ever - and will soon be known to many gamers as the voice of Elias Walker, one of the characters in Call of Duty: Ghosts - only the biggest video game franchise ever.

Lang took some time out his recording sessions in Los Angeles recently to talk with Examiner about doing voice over work and its unique intricacies, his familiarity with the Call of Duty franchise prior to working on the game and how life has changed for him since he became so entrenched in the sci-fi world with Avatar and now in video games with CoD.

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While the Call of Duty franchise has come to be known for its award-winning multiplayer, the game's single-player campaign is also quite famous for its bombastic elements as it takes people on a ride that at times surpasses just about any form of entertainment. What really drew Lang to the project wasn't necessarily how awesome his load out was going to be now that's he a part of the game, but because he felt that Walker was not just an anonymous voice in the game and that the story was very character-driven despite all of the chaos that's happening.

Other highlights of the interview include how his children reacted to his taking on the role for the game, a few minor story details and whether we can expect to see him do more work in the CoD world in the future.

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