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Interview: Singer-songwriter Meg Myers talks about new EP 'Make a Shadow'

Singer-songwriter Meg Myers
Singer-songwriter Meg Myers
Ryan Brady

On Feb. 17, singer-songwriter Meg Myers chatted via telephone with Examiner about her newest EP "Make a Shadow." She is signed to the record label, Atlantic Records. "My label is really wonderful and they let me do my thing. I have creative control and they have been really awesome. For me nothing has changed, but it allows me to do what I want even more," she said.

On the song selection process of her EP, Myers stated, "We have been writing songs for the album over the past year and we just wanted to put something out. We put out what we wanted to and there was one song that did not make the cut. We decided to save it for the album. We picked what felt right."

She revealed that two of her favorite songs on the album include the title track, "Make a Shadow," as well as "Heart Heart Head," the latter of which she dubbed as one of the "oldest songs" that she wrote for the project. "I was going through a really hard time when I wrote 'Heart Heart Head' and I was in a lonely, weird place when I wrote that," she said. "The song is about yearning for something and you do not really know what it is, which a lot of people have. It's about the pain of yearning and trying to fill that void."

There has been no official release date for her full-length CD, since they are still in the writing process and they have a "ton of recording" to do. "I just want to keep writing and try to be the best I can be," she acknowledged.

Myers noted that her music has elements of dark pop, electronic, as well as alternative rock. "My EP is like a modern alternative rock album," she said.

She shared that she was inspired musically by such female artists as Jewel, Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin and the ladies from the rock band Heart, which consists of Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Myers stays connected with her fans through her social networks, which include Twitter and Instagram.

Regarding her plans for the future, Myers shared that she will be playing at some festivals and she will be playing a show at Governors Ball Music Festival in New York. "There is going to be a lot of touring. I cannot wait to just be on the road and finishing up the album. That's my main two goals," she said.

For more information on singer-songwriter Meg Myers and her new music, visit her official website.

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