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Interview requests sent out to #TX17 candidates

Below is the text of an interview request sent to all Republican candidates for the Texas US House District 17 candidates. If I have missed anyone, please feel free to send me their contact information:


From: Kristofer Cowles
Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2010 11:09 AM
To: 'Dave McIntyre'; 'Will Flores'; 'William H. Flores''; 'Timothy Delasandro'; 'Chuck Wilson'; 'Rod Walline'; 'Sarilee Ferguson'; 'Wynne Loveless'; 'Rob Curnock';
Cc: Paul Rieger (
Subject: Interview Request
Importance: High

Dear 2010 Texas District 17 Candidate,

After consulting with Paul Rieger, Brazos County GOP Chair, I am contacting you with a request to interview you for my blog readers.

Mr. Rieger is confident of my non-affiliation with any campaign in this race, or any political party or organization, and is aware of the tenor and content of my questions, though not the exact wording.

My blogs have been referenced by Congressional Quarterly, The Washington Post, and local media outlets such as KWTX, WTAW and The Waco Tribune. They are also actively monitored by the Congressional Office of Representative Chet Edwards. They have a large and active readership nationwide as well as locally.

My purpose and intent in interviewing each candidate is to provide a comprehensive platform for citizens of the district to view, side by side, the answers to general questions as well as questions specific to each candidate.

My questions will be unambiguous and with little to no preamble, so as to maintain a clear line of questions unencumbered by any perception of bias. I will not ask you about other campaigns. I will stick to your qualifications, issues you raise in your campaign material, and concerns readily available to the general public, and specifically address issues of concern to the citizens of the District. I do have questions that may be uncomfortable for each candidate to answer but they are based only in fact and should not be the focus of our time together.

My interview will last one hour at the most, unless you request more time. As my schedule permits, I will remain with you as long as you want, as I want this to be a platform for you to be able to be as intimate with every possible constituent. If you would like to schedule our time together in conjunction with a campaign event of yours so I can get a sense of the campaign and public response, that would be a welcome opportunity which I would be glad to report on, as well.

My readers have been suggesting I speak to candidates individually and ask the questions I have asked in the public sphere, as well as ones I have not asked. It is my desire to provide a raw look at the questions and answers without further commentary in the published piece. Hence the entire audio recording of our time together will be available for citizens to download and listen to. In that sense, our entire time together will be on the record.

I would like to complete the interviews no later than 20 February 2010. I have statewide election interviews to focus on after that time.

To facilitate your schedule, I can travel to any location in the District to ensure the minimum of inconveniences to you. You or your campaign staff can arrange with me the meeting time and place, with the understanding that the location for the actual one hour's worth of questions and conversation be quiet and unencumbered by public traffic and noise. The interview will be one-on-one, with no other individuals present except you and me.

Please reply to this message your response to this request, and the contact information of whomever I should make the logistical arrangements with. I will schedule interviews on a first-come, first-served basis, and ask that you respond no later than 10 February 2010. I will consider no response by that time to be a denial of the interview request and will only schedule interviews for responses received after that date as time permits relative to the deadline of 20 February.

I am including all campaigns in the TO: field of this email so that you can be assured of the same request being sent to all campaigns. Please do not "Reply To All" when you answer.

Thank you so much for your consideration of this request, and thank you even more for your willingness to serve the citizens of District 17.


I will report on the responses of the campaign after the response deadline has passed on Wednesday.


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