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Interview: Paul Williams

The world loves Paul William's songs and the South Point showroom was filled with adoring fans. Bringing happiness to people makes Paul happy, "I bring the songs and the audience brings the memories. There are 2-3 generations in the audience. For a songwriter to hear someone say, ''¹..."We got married to your song "We've Only Just Begun", that a single mother loved "You and Me Against the World" and the kids who grew up with Kermit the Frog, is heart payment probably as sweet a payment as I will ever get."

Paul Williams starring at the South Point Hotel
Photos shot during the live concert by Sandy Zimmerman

He has a warm, natural way about singing his songs. Seeing Paul's performance brought all of his greatest hits together for a fantastic evening! The audience enjoyed video excerpts from his career and Paul's personal stories between songs, "When Charlie Fox and I wrote Love Boat" we called Jack Jones and asked him to record the song. We thought this show probably is not going to last but put my children through college. Today they are playing it somewhere."

Why has Paul's music lasted over so many generations? He feels, "I write straight from the heart. The songs are sung by such wonderful people. When Karen Carpenter sings "We've Only Just Begun", the song suddenly is being sung by an angel! The world is so nasty these days. I write with a sentimental sweeter approach about the best side of people and our ability to fall in love. For some reason it works. I do not know why it works, but thank God it does!"

Paul has found a way to touch people's hearts. He explains, "The real gift of my life is that I can write songs and hear people who I have loved all my life sing them. It gives me that pure, ''¹..."Oh my god, how did I end up here?' moment in my life. To hear Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett or any of the others singing one of my
songs is as good as it gets. This is something I appreciate more today then I did 20-30 years ago. The longer I am alive the more I appreciate the talent that gave me my life."

Paul Williams is unique because he writes all types of music. Paul realizes, "I have always written in an unconscious kind of place, from a pure emotion and never thought about the genre. One of my biggest country hits, called "Your Gone", became the #1 recording with a group called Diamond Rio. If you listen to it, you would not say that is a country song."

Paul Williams is one of the favorites at the South Point Hotel and will return on July 19 and 20, 2014. For information, call 796-7111.

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