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Interview: Miles Teller and Jai Courtney talk ‘Divergent’

'Divergent' hits theaters March 21-slide0
Gracie Ramos

Fans of the “Divergent” book-series crowded Cinemark West Plano earlier this week, as stars of the upcoming film adaptation stopped by as part of the “Divergent” film tour. Miles Teller and Jai Courtney smiled for photos and signed autographs for fans, before showing an early screening of the highly anticipated film. Examiner was there to capture all of the excitement, as the stars discussed their experience in the movie, their characters, and future projects.

'Divergent' star Jai Courtney
Gracie Ramos

Charming Miles Teller plays Peter, a character very different from what he is used to portraying. Here’s what Teller had to say on filming a movie that already has a fan-base. “It’s great, I get to attend events like this that bring in a large crowd, and it’s a lot of fun. Your character already comes with fans, but that can add on pressure to portray him right so you won’t disappoint. It’s a fun challenge.”

This isn’t the first time Teller tackles on an already famous film, “Well, the other time I did something like this was for ‘Footloose,’” he says. “But that was kinda different because there is a giant gap between generations.”

We congratulated him on scoring the role of Mr. Fantastic in the coming reboot for “Fantastic Four,” which he is very excited to play. “Yeah, I get to play a character that’s very different from me - He’s extremely intelligent,” he laughs. “I’m very excited to start that project, the cast is amazing.”

The handsome Jai Courtney portrays Dauntless leader Eric. We asked the star what makes “Divergent” stand out from other young-adult target films such as “Hunger Games.” Courtney tells us: “Well ‘Divergent’ follows a young woman’s journey to self-discovery. She [Shailene’s Woodley’s character, Tris] fights diversity and for what she believes is right. There is something in this film that everyone will be able to identify to.”

Courtney wouldn’t spill any info on the pre-production project “Terminator: Genesis.” Fans can also look forward to seeing Courtney star in “The Water Diviner” and “Unbroken.”

Examiner also caught the advance screening of “Divergent,” but we can’t release our review just yet! “Divergent” hits theaters on Friday, March 21. Tickets are already on sale. Official synopsis: In a world where people are divided into distinct factions based on human virtues, Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) is warned she is Divergent and will not fit into any one group. She manages to hide and conceal that she is Divergent, but later discovers a conspiracy by faction leader Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet) to destroy all Divergents. Tris trusts one of her group leaders and together they set to stop Jeanine. Based on the best-selling book series by Veronica Roth.

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