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Interview: Mary Lambert excited about Grammy Awards, releases new EP

Mary Lambert is truly having a great time making music. After adding the special touch to one of the most poignant popular songs of the past few years, "Same Love" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary released her own EP, Welcome To The Age of My Body.

The Age of My Body & She Keeps Me Warm
The Age of My Body & She Keeps Me Warm
Capitol Records/ Clark Photography
Queer power
Photo by Theo Wargo

The lead single, "She Keeps Me Warm", picks up where her gorgeous hook left off in "Same Love" and tells the love of story of two women in love. If you have not watched the video, make sure to go to the top five of the 30 best songs of 2013 you have probably not heard, and weep with joy. The gorgeously composed music video sees Mary crushing on a barista. This is a great start to her story.

Her official biography states "Mary Lambert had just quit her job as a barista when her whole life changed. An aspiring singer-songwriter who also worked as a brunch waitress and bartender, she got a call from her friend Hollis Wong-Wear, who had sung on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “White Walls”. Wong-Wear had recommended her to the duo, who were struggling to write a chorus for their new song, a marriage-equality anthem called “Same Love”. “Hollis said, ‘Ryan’s going to send you the track. You have two hours,’” Lambert recalls. “I got off the phone and ran across the street to the bar where I worked and told my boss everything. We did a shot, then I sabered a bottle of champagne with a sword. Then I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve gotta f***ing write this thing.’ Priorities.”"

The twenty-four year old, Seattle native has other tricks up her sleeve. She released an EP two years ago titled Letters Don't Talk, and a poetry book, 500 Tips For Fat Girls.

"Same Love" peaked at #11 on the Hot 100 in the US, and #4 in Canada. The song went to the number one position in New Zealand and charted in the top 10 in Ireland, Scotland, and England. The song has sold over two million downloads in the US. "Same Love" is nominated for Song of The Year at this month's Grammy Awards. The category includes P!nk, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Lorde.

Mary will be performing around US cities this year. [[Check here]] for ticket information. Also check out these artists touring the DC/MD/VA area:

Ellie Goulding :: Cher :: Vanessa Carlton :: Lady Gaga

New releases by GLBT artists: Sam Sparro :: Austra :: KENN :: CocoRosie

Read more about Mary:

"Same Love" has been a huge statement this year. The song has sold well, cemented Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as talented and meaningful artists and catapulted you as a force of queer nature. How did the collaboration happen?

Thank you! Ben and Ryan and I had a mutual friend, Hollis Wong-Wear, who sings on the song “White Walls” and suggested me for the track. I wrote the chorus specifically for “Same Love” as a narration of my story. I decided to release “She Keeps Me Warm” as an extension of the chorus because I felt like there was more that needed to be said.

What inspired the lyrics?

The lyrics had gone through several different incarnations. I wanted to write a love song that was applicable to a lesbian relationship but was also universal and non-political .

Your new EP is out now. What is the message behind the title and songs attached?

I am incredibly proud of my new EP Welcome To The Age Of My Body. Half of the EP is a body image song-poem entitled “Body Love”. I intended this EP to have an impact of empowerment upon any listener. We are all constantly coming into ourselves. The title Welcome To The Age Of My Body is derived from a Brian Ellis poem and something I repeated as a mantra ever since I discovered it. It felt like a perfect title for my first major label release.

For many singer-songwriters performing is an intimate and sacred part of the craft. Do you enjoy sharing the stage with other musicians?

Yes. I think collaboration is a beautiful part the industry. I hope to work with as many people as I can.

What can we expect from you in 2014?

My EP Welcome To The Age Of My Body is out now and hopefully you will be hearing my single “She Keeps Me Warm” on your local radio station soon. I will be touring this year and working on my full length record as well. And hopefully spending enough time with my family and loved ones.

Nickname: Mare-Bear

If you were not human, you would be: A bird – probably a love bird.

Best part about digitally released music: Extremely cost effective.

Hardest part about digitally released music: I miss not being able to have a tangible booklet and read all the thank yous.

Person responsible for driving you into music: My Mom – she was always singing and writing songs around the house.

Best part about being a performer: Human connection - allowing myself to be vulnerable even in intimidating situations – there is something empowering about that.

Hardest part about being a performer: When that vulnerability is not respected - it is hard not to take that personally – I can only hope that I have kind and thoughtful audiences for the rest of my life.

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