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Interview: Lynnea Quinn Hagen

Interview: Lynnea Quinn Hagen
Success Strategist, Speaker, Business/Leadership Coach and best-selling Author

As regards marking efforts, what has been working? What has successfully brought in new customers?
For me personally, it tends to be networking and referrals. The same is true of my clients as well, who tend to be smaller. It’s about getting around, getting out there and meeting more people, plus tying in all the different online services available and putting together a system where a consistent message is sent out over various channels.
A powerful way to bring in customers, as well, has always been doing speaking engagements. It’s so essential to let people see the face of the business, and hear your expertise and passion about how you can serve them.

What has been unproductive? What have you concluded is not work doing?
I come from the perspective that if you keep doing something that has a proven track record and you do it enough, it will produce results. Something I’ve tried for myself and my clients that did not pay off is submitting articles to article sites on the Internet—but it could be I didn’t do enough of this. Everything is about volume, consistency, and quality of message in a way that resonates with the people you’re trying to appeal to.

What trends do you consider to be important?
I think probably the most obvious ones are the ones that are tied into some of the online options that are available. Tying your blog together with your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Google+ in a way that is dynamic and captures attention. That is how people get to know you personally and with a wider scope.

Why are these trends important?
That is where everyone is going, that is where you have the biggest bang for your buck. It’s low cost, it’s omnipresent, and it gives your audience out there somewhat of a personal experience of what your services are and who you are so they can build that trust level--almost like you’re a friend. That’s really huge. We can’t ignore that.

What experience have you had with Inbound Marketing and how did it go?
It worked pretty well for my clients. I’m redefining my target audience so I can’t speak to that for myself right now. My clients right now come from referral. I’m testing a twitter strategy pioneered by Mitchell Levy that he calls “Think Ah Ha!”. It’s an online book made up only of “tweets”. He has gathered a lot of information from experts and people who have huge followings and since everything is 140 characters or less, it’s all tweetable. I tweeted one quote from his LinkedIn blog which brought me an amazing number of followers. I will use that more and see how it goes.
One of the lowest returns I’ve experienced, and this has been true across market segments for many years, is direct mail—unless it is done very consistently and methodically, with simple messages that address the customers’ “pain points”. One of my mentors periodically sends out a series of cards once a week that does just that. His final card speaks about how his business can help, and includes an enticing offer to do a “taste test” and/or a “full immersion” for his services. This has worked quite well for him.

What question or questions do you think I should have asked by didn’t?
I think maybe, “How can you help your clients or your business shine even more?”.

What would your answer to that question be?
To stand outside as an observer and look at the total person, the leader, not just the business. Going into the depths of who they are, maybe what’s getting in their way, and how they can continue to be a lifelong learner and grow themselves. Anybody’s business is really just a vehicle to help get them to where they want to be.

Lynnea Hagen works with leaders and their teams to build leadership muscles; create strategies and plans for success,and get out their own way--while creating organizations that inspire the soul. Past employers include Disney, Quaker State Oil, AT&T; and past clients include HP, Cisco, The Salvation Army and numerous businesses of all types and sizes. . She has been a consultant and coach since 1987, and holds a Masters in Organizational Development. She was recently Chief Marketing Officer for a weight loss and health company.

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