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Interview: Luke Macfarlane talks Hallmark Movie Channel's 'The Memory Book'

Luke Macfarlane stars in The Memory Book
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Hallmark Movie Channel presents it all new original movie “The Memory Book,” airing this Saturday, July 26th at. In “The Memory Book,” a budding, young photographer stumbles upon an old photo album chronicling the ideal romance of a happy couple. Intrigued by the love of this couple and unable to find her own true love, she sets out to find the couple and figure out if true love exists. The movie stars Meghan Ory as Chloe, Luke Macfarlane as Gabe and Adrienne Barbeau as Sarah.

Classic TV Examiner caught up with Macfarlane for an interview to talk about the movie, get his thoughts on whether he’s like the character he plays and what’s on the horizon for him.

Check out the interview below:

Phyllis: Hi Luke. How did you end up getting the part in “The Memory Book?”

Luke Macfarlane: You know you always hope it's going to be a better story than it actually is but, I read it and I thought, Oh my goodness! I never get to be him in movies. I loved it, so that's basically how I did it. I didn't really know anybody involved when we started filming.

Phyllis: Working on romantic movies seems easy but they have to be really hard. Are they harder or easier than regular dramas or comedies for you?

Luke Macfarlane: You know, I think you just comes down to how well you get along with your costar. You make a point to get along and with Meghan, it didn't take too much energy. We got along really well. I really liked her a lot, so it was not hard at all.

Phyllis: How did you work with the director as an actor on your scenes? For instance, you had to go from being a new couple just getting to know each other. And then I’m sure there were scenes where you’re supposed to know each other really well and then maybe a couple hours, other scenes where you may have just met. How do you work on those scenes?

Luke Macfarlane: Well there’s this really useful person on the set called the script supervisor. I don't know how familiar your readers are with the script supervisor, but they become my best friends on the set. (Laughs) Sometimes I have a really hard time with words and memorizing. So they can remind you what happens before the scene. I always make a point to befriend them, pull my chair right up next to them and ask them to help me with everything that just happened. I'm very close to the script supervisor for that reason.

Phyllis: Is your character Gabe similar to you at all or how is he different from you? How did you flesh out the character that he would become?

Luke Macfarlane: Similarities? I guess love of the outdoors. I'm an outdoors enthusiast. I’m essentially an outdoor person. For how different Gabe and I are? Gabe has something that I admire. He’s sort of free…like a free spirit in life. He really sort of lets things come and go their way, to each their own…for lack of a better term, he's a little bit more of a hippie than I am. I wish I had more of that, you know. That sort of hold on that And I think when I finish the movie, I'm going to be just like Gabe. For me, that would last about a week and then I’m back to my worrying, kind of stressed-out self.

Phyllis: Because of the theme of “The Memory Book,” looking at old photographs, discovering old memories and someone’s history, how do you or your family keep track of your history? Did your family, when you were growing up, keep memory books or photobooks everywhere?

Luke Macfarlane: That's a really good question. I bought a really old house. One of the amazing things [about it] was that the house had never been owned by any other owners except for the people I bought it from. It was in the same family for 100 years. So I have this incredible archival sort of life there including photographs of the house from 1913. I also have the original correspondence from the builders and the architect. So I always sort of appreciated documentation. It is not so much a part of my family but for me, being a lover of history, and through my house I've had that opportunity.

Phyllis: Where was the movie shot and did you have any exterior settings and if so, can you talk about shooting outdoor scenes?

Luke Macfarlane: We unfortunately did not shoot in San Francisco where the movie was set. We filmed in Vancouver where the dollar goes further. They actually shoot a lot of stuff up there. They have some of the most beautiful outdoor settings that I ever filmed in, just incredible. There was one, Golden Ears [Provincial] Park and it was lovely. It was easily one of the most beautiful locations I have ever filmed in.

Phyllis: Are there and current projects you are working that you could talk about?

Luke Macfarlane: Yes, in fact I'm driving across the country right now. I'm about to start a new show which will be airing on the Syfy network next year called “Killjoys.”

Phyllis: Can you talk a little bit about that? Have you started working on it or are you just starting to shoot it?

Luke Macfarlane: Actually, getting ready to shoot it in a couple of weeks. We’re shooting 10 episodes and it’s…I’m very excited about it. Its set six hundred years in the future and in the genre is called a space opera. It’s about people that are sort of like bounty hunters with lots of action. It’s is an action type show.

Phyllis: You've done every genres. Is there one that you like more than others?

Luke Macfarlane: Oh man I hope because I've done so many genres, I hope it doesn’t make you think I'm schizophrenic. (Laughs) I'm always looking for work. I think it's important…to tell the truth as genre that I love this TV. I really love working on the TV format. I love how you can see your work quickly. So I don't know if I have a favorite. They all are pretty amazing. I love the theater. One thing I haven’t experienced is feature films.

Phyllis: When you’re not working I don't have to study any scripts what do you like to do what is your perfect day off?

Luke Macfarlane: Wow. I have a lot of interests, I really do. I think it's your job as an actor to show interests in other things so I have too many hobbies. I'm a woodworker. I have a wood shop in my garage and I build furniture. I'm an avid reader. I'm an outdoorsman.

Phyllis: Did you build any of your furniture pieces in your house?

Luke MacFarlane: Of course. Yes of course

Phyllis: Lastly, I can't let you go without talking a little bit about “Brothers and Sisters.” I loved that show. It was one of my favorites. Can you talk a little bit about your time working on the show and it ended for your character?

Luke Macfarlane: Yeah sure. It was one of those amazing jobs. I came on early. I didn't expect to stick around that often and it just kind of grew and grew and grew. That is always the best for an actor. You feel really validated. It was a wonderful experience, the show was wonderful. I think the writers really treated my story lines and my story line with Kevin (Matthew Rhys) just beautifully. I thought we got to explore something that had not been explored a lot on television. You know, the story of relationships, marriage and children. It was sad that it came to an end but I am still very very aware that the show got through a lot of story.

Phyllis: Yeah I agree I think it covered a lot in the seasons at it at.

Luke Macfarlane: Totally. One thing I think that was a bummer was Kevin and I always felt like we had more story to go because we were just start sort of establishing his family, but I think the other family members were like “Okay, listen guys. Calista’s [Flockhart] my sister in law yeah. We have to get through her stuff so…” (Laughs)

Phyllis: Well thanks for talking to me.

Luke Macfarlane: Thanks. Take care.

“The Memory Book,” a Hallmark Movie Channel Original movie airs Saturday, July 26th at 9:00 p.m. EST, 8:00 p.m. CST. For more info, visit Hallmark Movie Channel.

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