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Interview: Jeff Gutt talks debut show at Detroit's Masonic Temple

Detroit native singer/songwriter Jeff Gutt will join his band to play their debut show at The Masonic Temple in Detroit on May 3, 2014.
Detroit native singer/songwriter Jeff Gutt will join his band to play their debut show at The Masonic Temple in Detroit on May 3, 2014.
Courtesy of Mission Detroit Photography

On March 31, singer/songwriter Jeff Gutt announced his upcoming May 3 debut show at Detroit’s landmark theater venue, The Masonic Temple. Jeff takes the stage with band members Gary Pittel, Cyamak Ashtiani, KC Jenkins and Brandon Brown for their first headline show which follows their April 25 performance at the Detroit Music Awards.

The Masonic Temple Detroit concert marks the first chance fans will have to see Jeff play live since forming his band earlier this year. Doing the debut show in his home state means a lot to Jeff and local fans who have followed his career for years, prior to his second place finish on "The X Factor" last year.

Recent months have been a whirlwind for the talented and driven artist as he headed out to spend several weeks in L.A. getting the band together for the first time, writing, rehearsing and nailing down songs for their upcoming local live shows that will launch an impending tour.

Jeff's passionate fan base, the JAGarmy, has literally exploded over the past several months to include loyal, local fans in all areas of Michigan as well as fans across the United States and around the world. Messages of support and excitement continue to stream in via Jeff's Facebook and Twitter sites since he announced his headline show yesterday. The clamor is building to a contagious roar among those who cannot wait for Jeff and the band to hit The Masonic Temple stage to rock out live with them in his home town.

I caught up with Jeff for a few minutes earlier today to discuss his recent trip to LA and the exciting debut show in the following Q & A:

E: How was it getting together with the band out in California?

JG: It was great. I knew it was gonna work because I know them all, but they didn’t really know each other. So, they didn’t know what to expect going into it, but they all really went out of their way to mention they really like each other and they’re the best at what they do; the best at their instruments, so it was awesome. It’s kind of like a super group for me.

E: How was your chemistry once you guys got together and started playing?

JG: It was great. We had like five songs in the first two days. It went really quickly and we just spent a lot of time rehearsing, making sure everyone knew everything because we’re only going to have a week rehearsal before this big show and a couple days before we do the Detroit Music Awards.

E: How has it been coming back home? Are you taking a breather right now before the shows? Is Gary here with you?

JG: Yep, Gary’s here. The rest of the band’s still in California. Two of them live in L.A., one of them lives in San Diego. There’s a lot of traveling involved, but it’s just the beginning. Once we get on tour, we’ll all be in the same bus any way.

E: When does the band actually join you here?

JG: Probably around the 20th, because we’re doing Fox 2 in the morning on the 23rd or 24th and then the DMAs and we’ll be playing or rehearsing every day and then we have the show on the 3rd.

E: Are you pumped to play at the DMAs?

JG: Yes, it’ll be great, because it’ll be a taste of what the show’s gonna be the following weekend.

E: Your fans have been staying totally connected with you along the way. What has that meant to you?

JG: It means a lot. You can’t do it without people supporting you. I’m grateful that they’re there and that they are still supporting me.

E: Do you have your set list all planned? Will you be playing some new songs, then?

JG: There will definitely be some new songs. There’s gonna be some old songs, some songs off the “Humanity” record, ones we just wrote together, new ones that I had when we got to LA. So, there’s tons of them. We’re planning a pretty long set. We’re going to do about an hour and a half.

E: The Masonic Temple is a pretty historic place for Detroit. How does it feel to be playing there?

JG: It’s crazy. I used to be in The Masonic Temple a lot, actually, for one reason or another and it’s just cool to have that be the opening show, something that’s meant so much to Detroit for so long, that it’s going to be an honor that I get to play there.

Jeff Gutt Live in Concert at The Masonic Temple Detroit, 500 Temple Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201 on Saturday, May 3, 2014. Show is being presented by 89X and The Crofoot.

Doors open at 7 pm, event is *All Ages.” Ticket presale begins tomorrow, April 2 via at 10 am ET. Presale code word is JAG.

Public ticket sales begin Friday, April 4 at 10 am ET. Venue is 1,600 seats so buy early before they sell out!

Ticket pricing is as follows:

Gold Circle Reserved (First 12 Rows) with Meet and Greet - $63

Gold Circle Reserved (First 12 Rows) - $43

Silver Reserved - $23

Stay tuned to Jeff Gutt’s Facebook page and for updates and follow @JeffreyAdamGutt and band members @GaryPittel, @KCDREWJ and @CyamakAshtiani on Twitter.

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