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Interview: ‘Heaven is for Real’ cast talk non-believers and Spider-Man

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Sandra Perez

Heaven is for Real” opened in theaters this weekend, just in time for Easter. Earlier this month, cast of the film Greg Kinnear, Margo Martindale, and young Connor Corum, stopped by the Dallas International Film Festival to screen the movie.

'Heaven is for Real'
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The film might target believers, especially by debuting Easter weekend, but lead Greg Kinnear hopes everyone sees “Heaven is for Real” as an overall great movie. “I’m hoping for the same criteria as always,” he tells us. “I hope the audience walks away thinking this was a great film.”

Greg goes on to share how it was working with director Randall Wallace and a non-believing audience. “Loved working with him [Randall Wallace]. He didn’t try to push me to believe anything or manipulate my own feelings on heaven,” Greg says. “Whether you believe in heaven or if this here is all there will be, death affects everybody. Everyone has thought about it. It’s a universal topic.”

Margo Martindale agrees, “Regardless of where you are in life, ‘Heaven is for Real’ is a very inspirational film. And I hope that’s what everyone walks away with.”

Six-year-old Connor was a natural at the red carpet, smiling for photographs and kindly answering questions from everyone around him. I noticed his mom carrying a superhero backpack. When I asked him about it he excitedly commented, “Spider-Man is my favorite hero!” Connor also told us about how he showed off to all his friends that he would be starring in a film, “All my friends think it’s really cool.”

Based on a true story, “Heaven is for Real” follows Colton (Connor Corum), a young boy who had a near-death experience. After returning home from the hospital, Colton begins to share information that his parents find impossible for him to have known. His parents Todd (Greg Kinnear) and Sonja (Kelly Reilly), must then build up the courage to share their son’s heaven journey with the world.

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