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Interview: Gold Motel

first annual Popsickle Festival hosted by Motion City Soundtrack
first annual Popsickle Festival hosted by Motion City Soundtrack
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Gold Motel will be in Minneapolis this Saturday for the First Annual Popsickle Festival at the famed First Avenue. You might not have heard of them since they have been only playing shows together for less than a year but what might ring a bell is the person that started this project up, Greta Morgan. Morgan is best known for her career as the singer for the band The Hush Sound (Decaydance/Fuel By Ramen Records) for 4+ years. After the hiatus of The Hush Sound, Morgan, who is a Chicago native, moved out west to pursuit her own personal project. Eventually meeting up with Dan Duzsynski, who is also a Chicago native and friend and began as what we know as Gold Motel. Along with Greta Morgan, Gold Motel is comprised of Dan Duzsynski, Matt Schuessler,Adam Kaltenhauser, who all coincidentally were all part of the band This Is Me Smiling, and Eric Hehr from the band The Year Books, who is also from Chicago.

Just this past week, I was fortunate enough to interview one of the band members of Gold Motel, Eric Hehr.

Nick Tam: How long have you guys (and gal) been playing as a whole? When was the first show and how did it go?

Eric Hehr: We started playing around the end of December of 2009, almost exactly a year from now. The first show was in our hometown of Chicago, days after Christmas, at The Beat Kitchen. The show went very well and was even sold out.

Nick Tam: For a band that has only been together for such a short period of time, what all have you as a band accomplished?

Eric Hehr: The whole band couldn't wait to hit the road right, so we went on our first tour right away throughout the west coast. One of the first show was in Santa Cruz and we were the headliners, it was quite terrifying. We started playing at 200 capacity clubs and then quickly join some of our friends as they brought us on tour with them. Bands such as FUN. and Steel Train were a few of the bands that brought us to bigger venues. Within this year we have accomplished touring each coast twice and the Midwest, made 3 videos, put out a full-length record, a 7" vinyl and even got a premiere on Spin Magazine.

Nick Tam: What would you say that makes Gold Motel different from The Hush Sound, which had a huge indie-label supporting it?

Eric Hehr: I would say Gold Motel is more of a personal band, especially in Greta's case. Gold Motel is basically her masterpiece, which she fled to California to create with Dan [Duzsynski]. Dan also doubles as the band's engingeer, so its quite personal to Dan too. The whole band has input in Gold Motel. Greta and I even wrote some songs together. Not only are the members of Gold Motel take part in making what Gold Motel is today but we have a bunch of help from our friends that help put Gold Motel together. All of the videos we shot were low budget by our friends, the merch and website design were also made up by our friends. Gold Motel is pretty self contained, even though we don't have a major label backing us, we still have all the necessary staff that helps us as a band (Manager, Press, etc.)

Nick Tam: 2010 seems like it has been quite a year. What is in store for 2011?

Eric Hehr: Tour, tour and more tour. Still going hit the road hard to promote our full-length Summer House. We got some really great tours lined up, one including with Butch Walker. We also started thinking about our second album and already got some demos done.

Nick Tam: Thanks for your time Eric and I can't wait to see Gold Motel at Popsickle.

Eric Hehr: Thanks. Can't wait to play.

Be sure to catch Gold Motel at Popsickle this Saturday at First Avenue in Minneapolis this Saturday. Along with Gold Motel, Foxy Shazam, Minus the Bear, Local favorites Take Cover,and many more will be in attendance. Motion City Soundtrack will hosts its first ever Popsickle Festival. This shall be an event not to be missed.

Additional Infomation

First Annual Popsickle Festival

First Ave 701 1st Ave. North Minneapolis, MN 55403

Saturday December 18th 2010

Show Starts at 3pm / $22.50 / All Ages


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