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Interview: Gilles Marini talks love and romance in a Valentine's Day Q & A

Gilles Marini plays Angelo Sorrento on ABC Family's "Switched at Birth"
Courtesy of Alan Mercer

The most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching and I caught up with one of TV’s sexiest men alive, Gilles Marini, on Feb. 5 to get some Valentine’s Day insight.

Gilles has been extremely busy in 2014 pulling double duty as the often dark and sometimes devious Angelo Sorrento on ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth” and suave and sexy pastry teacher Chef Nicholas on the CBS hit sitcom, “2 Broke Girls.”

Gilles celebrated a birthday on Jan. 26 and has spent recent time relaxing at his family getaway cabin. One of the most impressive things about Gilles Marini is that he is very open about expressing his love and adoration for his wife of more than a decade, Carole, and their two children, Georges and Juliana. He is a dedicated family man who is proud of the strong relationship he has with his wife and kids and that is so refreshing, given the amount of scrutiny he is under in the public eye.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing several Christmas interviews with Gilles. This year marks our first Examiner Exclusive Valentine’s Day Q & A. Enjoy!

E: You've been really busy filming SAB and 2 Broke Girls. Angelo and Nicholas both have different kinds of sex appeal. Who has the most romantic potential, Angelo or Nicholas?

GM: If you ask me, they're both kind of mistakes that I will never make and at so many levels, that makes them losing quite a bit a sex appeal, for the sake of comedy or drama. I think Angelo is more a man with a mission and that is kind of sexier than Nicholas, whose pretty much only mission is sleeping with Caroline. But, yet again he's very successful and that is sexy also. Just two different beasts. I like playing both for sure.

E: Nicholas is certainly a “distracting” teacher! Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers?

GM: No I never did. In Europe, our teachers back in the days were much more older and strict. I never felt anything for one of them. Yet again I did not go to school for a very long time.

E: Tell us about the first girl you gave a Valentine to that really mattered to you. How old were you and what happened?

GM: I believe it was when I was in 5th grade. Her name was Silvia and I was so, so nervous about giving her a red rose. Feeling like it was so silly and not cool. Her reaction was more surprised and nonchalant so it made me feel like she did not like it. But now with all that time past, I am sure she remembers and appreciates it. Nothing is wrong about giving a rose to someone you like or love.

E: We think of France as one of the most romantic places in the world. Where is the most romantic place you've been with Carole in France?

GM: In France? ... Let me ask her hold on...... She is thinking really hard. (Laughing) Hold on..... She said at the start of our relationship I took her to Paris to visit the city, she loved it. Because we are from France we always think France is normal vs super romantic. We've been to many other places in the world that we think are more romantic. But I guess the grass is always greener elsewhere.

E: Most of us will never forget the beautiful love letter you wrote to Carole. What is your favorite Valentine’s present you've given Carole or she’s given you?

GM: She bought me a scooter once and I know she worked so, so hard for it. I was blown away. When it comes to me getting her something, I guess you would have to ask her (laughs). But in all honesty, I think I get stuff for her all the time. It does not matter much if it's Valentine’s or not. The last couple years she wants more than anything that I take care of my daughter on that day and make her feel like a princess. She wants to make sure that I spoiled her that way so she will be more attracted later on to someone that respects and loves her the way her dad did. Yes, I know we are making it very difficult for all those guys out there that would wanna date my baby girl (laughing).

E: You and Carole have such a strong marriage and partnership. For all the hopeless romantics out there, do you believe in love at first sight? How can someone tell if they've found “the one?”

GM: I have a very specific thought about that. I do and I don't. I got very much attracted physically to Carole at first sight. It's normal I believe. We met in a pub in the South of France. So I saw a beautiful silhouette and you know, Man! Then we went to the beach and talked and talked. It was a special moment. I felt this girl is so good inside and little by little, I fell in love with everything else. She is really a precious woman; I totally lucked out with Carole. So I believe everyday more and more I know my love grows for Carole versus a huge "at first sight" moment and knowing. Not sure how it worked out with other people but it feels right to have felt that way.

E: Finally, and most importantly, What is Love?

GM: That is a very tricky question. If we are talking about women and men then, it's something we can put down in words, yes. But , I feel like "love" has many, many levels and when we talk about love for example for your kids then there is yet words to be created because I can't ever explain with words how it feels inside. It's just so powerful, only experiencing it will show you.

But love for someone you are with is in a couple words:

Acceptance, passion, kindness, patience, dedication and respect. In the end, love is growing up. We feel so much stronger since we are together in this life, than when we were before trying to figure it out alone. Love is all! Happy St. Valentine!

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Watch Gilles Marini on “Switched at Birth” on Mondays on 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family and “2 Broke Girls” on CBS on Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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