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Interview: 'Fishing without Nets' Director Cutter Hodierne

One of the best movies I had a chance to see at Sundance this year was Fishing without Nets, the feature debut of director Cutter Hodierne. But when you first hear what it's about you may think it's a subject we've seen all too often. The film, which I affectionately referred to as a Coen Brothers movie on the high seas, centers around a Somali pirate attack on a shipping vessel. But unlike Captain Phillips or A Hijacking, Hodierne's film centers on a Somali man (played by Abdikani Muktar) who is forced into the situation due to desperate circumstances. It's a side of the Somali pirate story we've never seen told in this level of detail, and Hodierne was totally deserving of the Best Director Drama award he won at Sundance.

Cutter Hodierne won Best Director for Drama at this year's Sundance

In an interview with Cutter and Muktar about Fishing without Nets, they spoke about tackling a familiar subject from a fresh angle, the struggle getting the film made, and more.

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