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Interview: Clay Matthews, Jamaal Charles talk Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC

Call of Duty Onslaught Grudge Match: Clay Matthews vs. Jamaal Charles
Call of Duty Onslaught Grudge Match: Clay Matthews vs. Jamaal Charles
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Activision

NFL All-Pro stars Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers and Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs took part in a launch event for the new Call of Duty Onslaught DLC map pack on Tuesday. The meeting was the latest installment in a series of celebrity Call of Duty grudge matches that pit stars from the world of sports against each other on the latest downloadable maps. Previous grudge matches have included athletes like Ray Rice, Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Jennings and Evan Longoria.

Call of Duty Onslaught Grudge Match: Clay Matthews vs. Jamaal Charles
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Activision

Matthews and Charles played on the new maps including Bayview and Containment in a best of five series. After it looked like Matthews and his team was going to dominate and walk away with an easy victory, Charles’ squad would climb their way back and take the match three games to two.

Prior to the match, Examiner had a chance to talk with both Matthews and Charles about their love for the Call of Duty franchise, their take on the new consoles like Xbox One that recently came out and who they’re rooting for in the Super Bowl.

On what they think about the new map packs:

Clay Matthews: I’ve had a chance to play two of the maps now and looking forward to playing the final two later along with Extinction. I’ve always been a fan of the Call of Duty franchise and year in and year out they’ve provided the game for us to play with so it’s been fun.

Jamaal Charles: I had a chance to play with the new maps and it’s been good so far, we’ll see how it goes going up against Clay. I got to play Containment and Bayview and the Fog where you get a chance to be Michael Myers. I think Bayview is my favorite so far because there’s this ferry that’s going around the corners and you can sit in there and shoot at people. I did get killed eventually in there, but it was fun, man. I like it a lot.

On whether they’ve been fans of the franchise:

Matthews: Absolutely. Dating back to World at War and switching back and forth (between Modern Warfare and Black Ops), but it’s been great to see the improvements every year, me and my teammates look forward to every new release during winter. I’m a big fan of Black Ops 2, I got the diamond guns and everything, but of course we have to switch over to the new game. There’s a little bit of a transition period and hopefully this will be my new favorite too.

Charles: I’ve been a big fan for a while. Every time the new Call of Duty game comes out, we jump on it. This one in particular has stuck with me since it came out and there are many games out there that are just one and done, but I think this game might be one I stick with for a while.

On whether they prefer going playing solo or going online for multi-player:

Matthews: I prefer multi-player and when I go online with people that I know especially my teammates and putting a squad together to go up against other people. When I play by myself online, I find that I lose interest fast, so it’s more fun to play with your friends and get those bragging rights and interact with one another is fun.

Charles: I like playing online with my brother because he is a big fan of Call of Duty. When I get a chance to play with him and get on a team, he’s always helping me out and setting up traps and telling me where to camp out. Basically, he got my back and I got his. He picks out the maps that we’re going to play on and he tells me where to stay and he’s going to lead (the other team) to me and feeding them my way.

On teammates that he goes online with:

Matthews: There’s a few of us that get together more often and we’re texting each other when we’re going to be online. We got a pretty good squad and it would be interesting to see if we went up against other teams around the league, but I’ll get to go up against Jamaal Charles today.

Charles: I never had a chance to play with my teammates online with Call of Duty. I’ve had a chance to play other games with them, but not Call of Duty yet.

On playing against well, the “kids” online:

Matthews: Well, may name doesn’t insinuate that I’m Clay Matthews and I’m sure I’ve played against people who I’m actually a fan of) but didn’t know who they were online. But it’s fun to play with people from all over the world and come together and you’re really good or you go up against other people who are really and you drop out from their lobby for being so good. But yeah, my gamertag does not say “Clay Matthews” for sure [laughs].

Charles: Nah, nobody knows. You know what it is when you talk on the microphone and they’re talking noise and these kids are getting all into it. It’s fun to play and nobody recognizes you and if you do tell them, they don’t believe you anyways. Hopefully those that I have told don’t go ahead and share my gamertag now.

On the changes from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One:

Charles: I play with Ghosts on Xbox One, but I think the thing about Xbox One that’s so different from the 360 is how much more you can do with Xbox One. You can watch cable tv on and you talk to it and tell it what to do. I mean, you can yell at the 360 but it won’t know what to do [laughs].

On the hard hit that Chiefs teammate Derrick Johnson laid on Charles during the Pro Bowl:

Charles: Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that [laughs], but I’m glad he’s on my team in real life. But the thing is, it’s just one of those things where you can’t really tell another man how fast they should go at you and that was just one of those times where I did not see DJ come at me. It’s all for excitement and tv and the people got to see a good game and it wasn’t just like last year where people were just going half speed. It was real fun for me, I really enjoyed it.

I think everybody talked about playing a little bit harder, you know? And with the new draft format an being the captain of my team was exciting. And if you weren’t going to play hard, that’s on you, but the GM of our Deion Sanders was going to call you [laughs]. I thought we were going to win the game but Alex [Smith, ironically Charles’ quarterback on the Chiefs] did a great job at coming back in the last 40 seconds and I was like ugh… come on, Alex [laughs].

On their thoughts on the Super Bowl and predictions:

Matthews: You know, I haven’t watched the past two Super Bowls. I’ve been you know, “conveniently busy” during the game doing sponsored events, but if I do have the chance to catch the game, I’ll watch a part of it. It’ll definitely be interesting to watch the #1 ranked offense going up against the #1 ranked defense. It should be fun to watch with everything Peyton (Manning) has been able to do and all the (Seahawks) defense has been able to do this season. I think if Denver can get some points on that vaunted defense then they definitely have a shot at the Super Bowl.

Charles: I’ll definitely be watching the game because I have a best friend that will be playing, Earl Thomas [safety for the Seattle Seahawks]. It’s going to be really exciting watching Earl flying around there, I’m real happy for him, but at the same time I’m jealous he made it before me [laughs]. And of course, Denver is in the same division so it’s kind of hard to roof for them, you know? They beat us twice this year, but Peyton is hall of famer and will definitely go down as one of the best that ever played and I know he would want to get a second Super Bowl ring. I would like to see Peyton get that too, but if I have to choose, I have to go with my boy Earl, we’re from the same hometown.

The new Call of Duty Onslaught DLC map pack – which also comes with the new Maverick gun and the first episode in the new “Extinction” storyline - is available now as a timed exclusive on Xbox 360 and Xbox One for $14.99 with other platforms to follow in the coming weeks.

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