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Interview: chatting with soap stars Jon Lindstrom and Cady McClain

Jon Lindstrom and Cady McClain
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

On the Daytime Emmys Red Carpet, Daytime TV Examiner had the opportunity to speak with Cady McClain and Jon Lindstrom. These soap veterans have taken daytime audiences through every emotion as characters on "As the World Turns," "All My Children," "General Hospital" and "The Young and the Restless." Portraying “General Hospital’s” resident psychiatrist Dr. Kevin Collins on and off since 1993, Lindstrom balances his time between acting and working on his own personal projects, including his latest venture "How We Got Away With It." The film which he wrote and directed, tells the story of an event that happens during a weekend getaway.

McClain has a lengthy career in daytime as well, having appeared on “As the World Turns” and “All My Children” before stepping into the role of Kelly Andrews on “The Young and the Restless.” The two-time Emmy winner has also ventured behind the scenes with her own directorial debut, "Flip Fantasia" and has written her memoir “Murdering My Youth.”

Check out my minute with the talented actors in the interview below:

Phyllis: How are you feeling about so many shows in daytime getting recognition at this year’s Emmys?

Cady McClain: I always like to see people get rewarded for good work. People worked really hard this past year, and it was really nice to see “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” get a little bit of love.

Jon Lindstrom: …a little love

Cady McClain: It’s the efforts of so many people and the work that was put in by many people working to keep those shows alive. It was the work of many people so I’m really happy that they’re getting a nod.

Phyllis: Now Jon, with Kevin on and off on “General Hospital,” there are a lot of people that need some help. Are we going to be seeing him pretty soon? Sonny’s going crazy. Nina is crazy. The town could use him.

Jon Lindstrom: Last we saw him he lost half his practice yeah I agree there is probably half the town that could use some help or a good talking to.

Phyllis... You have both been busy behind the camera with your directing projects. Talk a little bit about what you are working on.

Jon Lindstrom: My film called “How We Got Away with It” just came out. It's available everywhere. It’ll be out on DVD and Blu Ray soon. You can get it at all the usual suspects, the usual places, your iTunes and Amazon. I shot it about two years ago and it's been my life ever since. Now that it's s out and people are seeing it, it's been doing very well. I'm really happy to have that in the rear view mirror. So what am I doing right now? I go to the museum…I sleep in… I drive her new car… I'm just going to write a script and show up at GH if they want me. And cheer [Cady] on.

Phyllis: And lastly, it's the Emmys so we must talk fashion. Cady what are you wearing? It’s so cute....

Cady McClain: This is a Tom Ford dress and Prada shoes.

"How We Got Away with It" is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

"The Young and the Restless" airs weekdays on CBS.

"General Hospital" airs weekdays on ABC.

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