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Interview: Building a 'Digital City' for libertarians

The much-anticipated libertarian mega site opened for beta testing by subscribers today.

Jeffrey Tucker is a writer and speaker who has devoted his life to advancing the ideals of liberty and free markets. is his best answer to the question, What can I do?

"We’ve built this digital city in six months," Jeffrey Tucker told Libertarian News Examiner in an exclusive interview, "which, given the incredible expanse of services and the scope of the project, is absolutely remarkable."

"This digital city" is a multi-platform online site called and Jeffrey Tucker, a "libertarian movement veteran," is CEO of, Executive Editor of Laissez-Faire, Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), and Research Fellow at Acton Institute.

To find out more about the man and his digital city Libertarian News Examiner engaged Tucker in a short Q&A session.

Can you briefly describe

It is many things in one space, including an online classroom, robust and beautiful forums, a social network, a content delivery system, a news stream, an organization database, a book delivery system, a publishing platform – everything you would ever need or want to create a living and breathing community in the cloud. One reason it is hard to describe is that nothing like this exists.

Will require paid memberships?

The site offers vast free content including a robust event calendar, news stream, and article content. Member benefits include live classroom, liberty guides, social network and friendship, plus independent publishing sites.

You already have other social media sites operating, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc.

The Facebook page is like any other except that it is especially busy! We started from nothing but now our social outreach is already very large given how long we’ve had to work on it.

How do you describe yourself within the libertarian movement?

I prefer to call myself an anarchist but I also call myself a liberal, a libertarian, or just liberty-minded. However, I hope this service will be for anyone who has a consciousness concerning the centrality of liberty in living the good life. You use the word "movement" but I tend to avoid that term, simply because "movements" seem to ask for homogeneity and imply the need for leaders and discipline. This is the last thing we need. We need more play, more experimentation, more diversity, more speculation, more voices, and more crowd sourcing in the liberty world. The decentralization of knowledge is a productive realization of what it means to be free. is an infrastructure of discovery, not a movement in that old sense of the term. expects to go public later this month.

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