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INTERVIEW: Brides! Live Wedding Host Lauren Gores

Could you imagine having your entire wedding planned for you as America votes on every detail from the dress to the tiers on your wedding cake? This is exactly the chance of a lifetime Brides! created for three real couples from Southern California, Texas and Florida giving one of them the chance to win a million dollar wedding. I interviewed the host of the new online series Brides! Live Wedding is airing live to the world June 8th.

The winning couple's wedding will be broadcast live from the St. Regis, Monarch Beach in Dana Point, California on on Brides Youtube Channel. Here's my interview with the energetic and beautiful host, Lauren Gores. She was married last year so the wedding mind-set was still fresh.

Was it difficult for the couples to trust people voting on details of their wedding?

'The couples were actually really incredible and surprised me how calm they were. They have to be really open to the whole idea and putting their trust into America's hands.'

What are your tips the night before the wedding for any couple getting married?

The night before you're so excited and it can be really difficult to sleep. My best advice is to try and calm your mind and just try not to think about any last minute details. Someone will take care of them. Try not to use any new beauty routines or tanners the night before the wedding.

What makes the Brides! Live Wedding so different than other wedding shows?

'Brides! actually is handling every detail and allowing the audience to vote on this million dollar wedding and every pick has been really beautiful. A lot of the details are things couples may not even think about and now they will have the chance to have a dream wedding if they win.'

Join in on the fun watching the final on June 8th on the Brides Youtube Channel or tweet #BridesLiveWedding

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