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Interview: Author's trip of a lifetime to New York Fest for Beatles Fans, part 1

Images from the New York Fest for Beatles Fans earlier this month.
Images from the New York Fest for Beatles Fans earlier this month.
Sandi Anne Borowsky. Used by permission.

Sandi Anne Borowsky, author of “The Trip of a Lifetime,” a book about her trip to Beatle sites in England, told Beatles Examiner about another memorable trip she took last week to the New York Fest for Beatles Fans celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles.

The water display at the 2014 Fest for Beatles Fans in New York.
Sandi Anne Borowsky

“I was only there for two days (Saturday and Sunday) and boy did I cram a million things in,” she said.

“Once you went through the revolving doors looking straight ahead is a water feature," she began. "On this water feature there was an image that said 'The Fest for Beatle Fans NYC.' If you played around with the lighting it surely made a great photo opportunity.

“Going up the escalator, you take a right-hand turn. To the left, there were cardboard cut outs of the Beatles there where you could take your photo with a Beatle. I never got the chance to take the photo on Saturday. By Sunday, they were gone.”

Then the fun began, she said.

“First up was at 12:30 p.m., there was a panel of women discussing Beatle history in the Paperback Writer Room. I found it very enlightening and the woman on the panel very knowledgeable. The panel consisted of Susan Ryan, Judith Kristen, Candy Leonard and many more. That was held on the third floor.

“At 2:15 in the same room, there was 'Touring the Beatles London and Liverpool.' This was done by Richard Porter, David Bedford and Jackie Spencer. They are all tour guides: Jackie and David in Liverpool, Richard in London. They had me laughing when I asked a question and together they all went, 'Oh hi Sandi!' Oh dear.

“At 5:45, there was 'Liverpool Life and Humor! with Freda Kelly, David Bedford, Julia Baird, Terry Sutherland, Jean Catherall and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. This was a fun panel and we laughed most of way through it. I think even the panel was shocked to see the Lord Mayor turn up! I know I was.

“At 6:30, it was 'A Salute to Brian Epstein' with Vivek Tiwary, Martin Lewis, Pattie Boyd and Billy J, Kramer. I am a huge supporter of Eppy and was so happy that he was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame. The book that Vivek wrote on him, 'The Fifth Beatle,' is a MUST read for ANY Beatle fan. I am so happy that it is going to be made into a movie. That I can’t wait for.

“Over to the dealers room now as I wanted to pick up certain books. Anyone who knows me knows that I always use my Beatles satchel that I bought in Liverpool in 2011. Well now between between David Bedford’s two books 'Liddypool' and the 'The Fab One Hundred and Four,” the strap broke on my satchel! NOT happy. I had to go to Strawberries two doors down and buy a wheelie suitcase. Good thing I did. Mental note, any time you go to a Fest, it’s best to use of these.

“But attending the fest is a great way to get your books signed. Not only are David’s signed to me, but also the 'Good Ol Freda' DVD, 'She Loves You' Vol. 3 in the John Lennon Series by Jude Southerland Kessler, 'A Date with a Beatle' by Judith Kristen and the CD 'The Hooligan' by Mark Hudson. If you own books by any of the authors there, bring them, they will sign them! I did come away, alas, without Pattie Boyd and Julia Baird signing my books.

(End of part 1. Part 2 coming soon.)


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