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Interview: Arid Chappell of luxury jewelry brand ARIDO

(Left) Arid Chappell & (Right) Jesse Raphael of ARIDO
(Left) Arid Chappell & (Right) Jesse Raphael of ARIDO

Arid Chappell, stylist to the stars, and business partner Jesse Raphael are the mastermind duo behind the high end, luxury brand, ARIDO jewelry.

Kelsey Scott (Hollywood Actress) wearing ARIDO pendant

The duo and their team launched ARIDO in Tokyo, Japan in December 2010 and the luxury brand has taken the world by storm.

ARIDO jewelry has been featured with the likes of the Oscars, New York Fashion Week, Maui Film festival, Cannes film festival among others. In addition, has been worn by public figures, such as: Oh Land (musician), Kelsey Scott, supermodel, Stacey Mckenzie, Sharon Stone , Adina Porter, Anna Gunn, Brooke Butler and many more.

Examiner received the opportunity to speak with Mr. Arid Chappell about the ARIDO brand, advice for emerging designers and much more.

I: Interviewer (Marie Flounoy)

A: Arid Chappell


I: Who is the concept of ARIDO?

A: Easy, easy style. Uniqueness, one of a kind, gypset lifestyle/ No boundaries, your own personal style. It's like you can have a $20 t-shirt, but you have on thousands of dollars worth jewelry. Jewelry is ultimate luxury - you can wear a house around your neck.

I: Would you say ARIDO is for a person, who's a jet setter?

A: Absolutely! Some gypset, some jet setter, artists and world travelers. ARIDO is for anyone who can appreciate luxury.

I: How was ARIDO created?

A: I am a stylist and a designer. Jesse Raphael, who is a precious stone specialist and I have been friends for over 15 years. It was sort of an easy transition since we both love art, history and travel. Raphael's family is dated back to the 11th century in the art of jewelry and precious stones, so it's naturally a perfect match.

I: What kind of stones does ARIDO jewelry use?

A: ARIDO uses a variety of gem stones, for example: Ruby Sapphire, Emerald, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Jade, Opal, Pearls and more.

I: Where are the pieces made?

A: In the USA.

I: What would you say are the top accomplishments of ARIDO?

A: I would say touring Asia for a month and doing a show for a billion people on television.

I: What advice would you give to any other emerging designers?

I think they should always follow their passion and find something they really love to do and just do it and go with it. They should have an audience and know who they're designing for. Believe in your own dreams.

For more information regarding ARIDO, visit their official website at For ARIDO updates, news and more follow their Facebook via.

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