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Interview: Actor Adam Simon discusses his screenwriting debut, ‘Synapse’

Adam Simon(left) helps Rob Prior (right) at Sacramento Comic Con
Adam Simon(left) helps Rob Prior (right) at Sacramento Comic Con
David Wangberg

While at Sacramento Comic Con, on March 8, the Chico Movie Examiner was able to squeeze in a quick interview with actor Adam Simon, who makes his screenwriting debut with the upcoming indie project, “Synapse.”

Simon was assisting with artist Rob Prior’s booth during the convention, but he was also promoting the new film, which will have an official trailer in two weeks, he said.

“Synapse” tells the story of a memory dealer who’s addicted to the new drug of the future. This dealer discovers a secret about the government, and is hunted down by a narcotics agency known as Synapse. This agency wants the dealer to keep what he knows a secret.

The project started off small, but the crew has had great success with it, Simon said.

“It’s an indie project; we started of with only $50,000 and running from the cops down in L.A., and then this really big studio house in L.A. got behind us and has been promoting the film,” he said.

The cast includes Joshua Alba, brother of Jessica Alba; “Shark” actress Sophina Brown; “NYPD Blue” actor Henry Simmons, and Simon himself.

“It’s going to be a great film, dude,” he said.

Simon said he’s been writing since he was a kid, and he is a huge comic book and science fiction fan. Several films served as inspiration for “Synapse.”

“Films like ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Total Recall,’ ‘Strange Days,’ and [we] put a “French Connection,” Joe Carnahan “Narc” twist on it,” he said.

“This movie is an homage to all the sci-fi films we love so much,” Simon added. “It’s well acted, well scripted, and well shot.”

As for the turnout at the Sacramento Comic Con, Simon called it “amazing.”

“This has blown my mind; it’s blown Rob’s mind, too,” he said. “I knew it was going to be big, but I didn’t think it would be this big.”

And Simon said he would definitely come back to the convention next year.

“Synapse” is scheduled for release on Nov. 18, 2014, according to its IMDb page.

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