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Internships, can they help your career?

R. Terpolilli

Internships can be a springboard to your future career.

Here are a few things to consider, as you are deciding on whether an internship is right for you.

An internship is usually a type of on-the-job training for a professional field, such as medicine, engineering, law or business. Interns can be college or university student or post-graduates. Typically, interns are unpaid or low paid in exchange for the work experience and access to the organization. Higher paid interns may be found in the technical fields or computer industry.

The opportunity to learn about a company or a particular job may be enhanced by the time that an intern spends learning the inside track and creating a network of contacts within the company. Companies may be more likely to hire from within the intern pool since they are familiar with the skills and personalities of the interns.

The intern position may be short term, such as a summer intern program spanning June to August. Or it may be a research intern who is assigned to a project only till the research data is gathered or to help prepare for the project to be published.

Here are some local companies that offer intern positions:

1. Southwest Airlines

"NoLmits Internship" program is competitive and based in Dallas, Texas. Check the link above for instructions on how to apply. You must be a full time college student and be classified as a junior. Interns do get paid and are eligible for free unlimited space available travel anywhere that Southwest flies. The web page also provides resume and interview tips.

2. Time Warner Cable

There is a summer sales intern position available that requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 and the intern must be returning to school in the Fall. This is for college students who are pursuing a Bachelor's degree. For more details on the job duties and requirements, see the link above.

3. Enterprise

The Company offers an summer intern position in Sales Management Training with a paid rate of $10 per hour and starts on June 2nd. Check the link above for qualifications and further details.

If you are interested in applying for a summer intern position, get started early. Select a company that you may want to work for or a type of position that you want to explore as a future career. This may also be a chance to see if you fit into the field that you are studying.

And good luck to all students and interns.

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