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Internet television network introduces all-cats channel 'Cats 24/7'

Grumpy Cat is arguably the Internet's most famous cat. Perhaps she'll debut on's channel, Cats 24/7.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV is a free television streaming service that has hundreds of free channels, including this one: A channel devoted, 24/7, to cats. Now us crazy cat people don't have to go to YouTube or Cheezburger and surf to get our cat fix. We can find it all on Cats 24/7.

An article on Time Magazine's website demonstrates how thrilled they are with this new development. The author, Kyle Chayka, asked if there aren't times where all people want is just more cats. He also discusses the channel's content, which is everything from documentaries to cartoon skits and parodies, to shows like, "Famous Felines" and "Cats Gone Viral."

Wired's U.K. website heralded the arrival of Cats 24/7 as the end of Internet productivity. Their author, Olivia Solon, described more of the shows, such as "Putting Up with Humans," which is about how cats handle their owners' (slaves'?) attempts to dress them up, make them dance, and more. That show is really nothing more than spliced YouTube videos, but promises entertainment nonetheless.

Indeed, Cats 24/7 does promise to halt productivity, at least for us crazy cat people.

CNET published an article that says just launched at the end of March, which is why you might not have heard too much about it yet. Author Amanda Kooser tried to watch Cats 24/7, but said that the shows (at least, the ones she watched) are just strings of low-quality YouTube videos, which bored her after a short while.

However, if YouTube videos are what you're looking for, especially a whole bunch strung together over the course of a half-hour to two-hour long show, Cats 24/7 may just be for you. Check it out on channel 406, here.

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