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Internet, social media play vital PR role

For most any business or organization, the Internet is a vital piece to the PR puzzle.
You should have, or should be in the active process of developing, a website for any number of reasons. Those reasons include the convenience it enables for you and your market to communicate with another, as well as the credibility it would help you establish (provided the website is done in a professional manner).
Don’t have a website? At no charge and in a matter of minutes, you can still create a blog and join social-media sites that enable you to communicate your message to the world.
Some social media tips, based on my own experience the past 15 months:
  • It’s not too late to get started. This is still in its infant stage.
  • Remember, it’s “social” media—so weave in business-related content amid a majority of personal observations or experiences
  • Be a giver—take the time to encourage and socialize with others.
  • For more tips, visit and type “social media” into the search box in the upper left corner.