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Internet Recipes: International barbeque

Barbeque grills are found in most American backyards and there are many different brands to choose from.
Barbeque grills are found in most American backyards and there are many different brands to choose from.
Photo by Charley Gallay

Barbeque is a form of cooking that is often associated with cookouts and, of course, the 4th of July. Although barbeque is frequently associated with America and is widely considered by many to be “All American Cuisine,” the origins of barbeque are actually more complex. This cooking style is actually prevalent in several different nations and, depending on what kind of BBQ it is, different spices are used that will make it taste entirely unique. Hence, Brazilian barbeque is very different from American barbeque but both meals are delicious!

BBQ is a popular method of cooking in many countries. However, the ingredients used to flavor BBQ differ by nation.
Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images

If you are planning a BBQ this Independence Day and want to sample some new flavors, try out some of these more exotic styles of BBQ. The Internet has made it easy to find many recipes and explanations for how people all across the globe grill their meat:

South American BBQ

South American barbeque is famously tasty. Brazilian and Argentinian BBQ are especially regaled for their seasoning on beef, such as steaks. Many of the spices used in these recipes give them a unique flare that Americans might enjoy trying:

Asian BBQ

Asian barbeque is a popular cooking style. Many Chinese and Korean restaurants serve dozens of entrees that are assembled using barbeque techniques and traditional Asian spices that give the sauces and marinades a taste that is quite different from American BBQ. Asian barbequed chicken is an especially well known and loved meal:

Caribbean BBQ

Finally, for those who love spicy foods, the people of the Caribbean Islands have some barbequing skills that will leave you awed. Specially, “jerk chicken” is a kind of barbequed chicken that is marinated in various spices and seasonings. Known for its “hot and spicy” flavor, jerk chicken (or “jerk” recipes in general) are only for those who can handle the extreme spiciness:

No matter what kind of barbeque you like best it is good to try new things and maybe even turn house guests into fans of unusual styles of barbeque during this July 4th!

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