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Internet radio/TV and record label D-I-Y

Ani DiFranco - a veteran of the "do-it-yourself" school
Ani DiFranco - a veteran of the "do-it-yourself" school
courtesy of Righteous Babe Records


  • Juice 6 years ago

    Good article Kev.

    The truth is that while most people see gloom & doom, the internet has changed the game & offers some very exciting possibilities.

    One could argue the the advent of the internet offers a freedom & opportunity for artists to be the master of their own fate, as never before.

    Good info & thanks for the food for thought!

  • Chris 6 years ago

    Some of us have been championing just what you've written for a some time now. You're quire right. The Record Industry is dead. Long live the record industry.

  • Fred 6 years ago

    Great article Kevin. You speak the truth for sure here. I couldn't agree with you more. Great view on the music and radio biz. :-)

  • Chazz Dixon 6 years ago

    Great article Kev. Raising the bar.
    It's so very important that we do it ourselves.
    Raise the bar.

  • Linda Bailey 6 years ago

    Great article Kev. The internet possibilities are boundless. You really opened my eyes. Thanks for the information.

  • Pwajdeur 6 years ago

    So very true, it reminds me of our interview, that I did with you on Freedom Affairs which I don't see up yet, no biggie, yes HypNoXIOUs rides again, and we are doing it Garage Band style until I get all our PC's up with the same Cubase or ProTools software, which is also another great thing about the internet, writing songs on the same platform and sending bytes across the web and working long distance is huge right now. Even physical rehearsals are becoming a thing of the past with streaming "jamms". Anyway, could go on, thank you Kevin once again for an inspiring and uplifting article. Rock and roll will never die, it's just more cyberized, and thankfully so! My music "record" label is Tripd ofthe Tongue Records, and it's beginning to get strong too! Keep the faith, people who love music will never let the industry squash us. We ARE the sellable elements the man needs just the same. Just new and deeper strides must be taken to achieve ones goals! On with the show!

  • Marv 6 years ago

    I agree Kev! I listen Internet Radio perhaps 90% of the time for about the last 3 years. I only listen to commercial radio when I am in the car and stuck in traffic. I miss the days when radio played everything and each station had a unique identity born out of the on air personalities in each city.

  • Stephanie 6 years ago

    I have heard that SIRIUS is having some serious problems (no pun intended. They had no business paying Howard Stern an insane amount of money. Internet radio is the wave of the future for disc jockeys and musicians. Well stated!

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