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Internet radio is the wave of the future

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Terrestrial radio or what we know as conventional radio is going the way of record stores,though maybe not as quickly.

As long as vehicles are equipped with over the air radio, then it will continue indefinitely, but with a dwindling audience.

That is because internet radio is the wave of the future. This is different from the paid subscription services that many vehicles also have such as Sirius/XM.

Online radio like terrestrial radio is free but currently not widely accessible in vehicles, unless you listen through your cell phone's blue tooth, providing you have internet access.

Soon, adapters for vehicles will be ubiquitous and down the road, cars will be equipped with internet access giving the listener online radio seamlessly.

But it isn't just in cars that we listen to radio. Whether at work, home or when we are in stores, all three types of radio mentioned above can also be heard.

The advantage to internet radio is that you can hear many shows for free on demand and most local over the air stations also broadcast online.

One of the best apps for hearing radio from all over the world is the Tunein Radio app. The free version has stations from every continent even Antarctica. The upgraded nominal paid version gives the listener the opportunity to pause live radio or record shows for later listening.

Unlike terrestrial radio, the signal is crystal clear and the plethora of choices is truly the long tail. Niche talk programming not beholden to special interests and every musical genre is covered. In addition many online stations are commercial free,instead of selling advertising, they rely on listeners voluntarily becoming annual members.

There are stations that solely broadcast online, though most have both a terrestrial and internet streaming way of hearing it. Of course the over the air signal can only be heard in the vicinity of a station's given locale.

Internet Radio targets a favorable demographic

40% more likely to live in a household with higher than average income when compared to the general population.

Most “streamies” are educated, internet savvy & comfortable making purchases online. The percentage of professionals who listen to internet radio over terrestrial radio has grown from 12% to 20% in one year’s time.

This trend will continue to grow exponentially.