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Internet panhandler begs for money to buy a new car to go ghost hunting

Montana ghost hunter begs for money to buy a new car on the internet
Montana ghost hunter begs for money to buy a new car on the internet
Ginnie Lowney

A Montana woman is begging for money to repair or replace her car that she allegedly damaged in an accident earlier this winter. The woman posted the ad on the website gofundme on January 1.

Virgina Lowney is a paranormal enthusiast from Butte, Montana and founder and owner of the Mining City Paranormal group. Lowney recently posted an ad on the online fundraising site gofundme requesting money from other paranormal enthusiasts so she can buy a new car. In her ad titled "We need help, Our car was hit." Lowney hopes to receive $1,500.

"My name is Ginnie, my car was hit about two months ago, I have liability insurance on it but the person kept going. I took it in and the guy told me about $2,500 in damages. I have part of it but not all of it. It's the only car I have. I'm still paying on it. It's our pride and joy to have that car. My kids love it. We use this car to do good things for people, like we did Christmas for the elderly this year, with my team. We bought over a 100 gifts for them. We also adopted other families. I don't know why they didn't stop, we could have worked something out. Once I get the money, we can go back out and help other people. I appreciate anything you can do to help, God Bless!" Lowney said in her ad on gofundme.

So far Lowney has managed to raise $80 from four people in just twelve days. According to Lowney, she has found a similar car and plans to buy the vehicle with the money she gets from the ad.

This isn't the first time a paranormal investigator has panhandled for money on the internet. Last year, paranormal radio personality Christina George set up a similar ad for Dave Goldinger to raise money to pay his bills.

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