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Internet meme sensation Harlem Shake reaches a billion views

So after Gangnam Style a new musical tune is in the record books. Today this meme craze phenomenon started by a group of Australian teens dressed up in eccentric outfits became runaway success on the video-sharing service YouTube topping a billion views.

Its an Internet meme in the form of a video in which a group of people performs a comedy sketch.

The video went live on Google's social network in January, but it did not start to become a popular trend until February. The song is not an original video nor composed of original lyrics by any of the recently posted videos.

Harlem Shake is simply a catchy tune with a tint of humor fused with extravagance. Turns out to be the perfect recipe into making it a viral force in today's social media world.

The Digital Social Media Analytic's firm, Socialbakers, on a blog post compared the timeline of this trend and measured it against Psy's one billion hit video.

“Although the early Harlem Shake videos went live on YouTube in January, the templates that really started to trend and attracted millions of views were at the beginning of February. Harlem Shake first hit 650 million views after four weeks. In comparison the music video by Gangnam Style by Korean pop artist Psy reached 650 million views 13 weeks after it was introduced to the public on YouTube, and only made 1 billion views after six months,” according to Socialbakers.

Social media networking is beyond the numbers. Its sort of synonymous to genuine representing your own brand while creating a genuine presence on the web.

These recent trends that become viral, even popular illustrate a cultural shift in our societies. Many users, businesses, marketers, journalists, and others can utilize these simple but yet powerful tools. Sure the original video along with dozens of copy cats versions followed weeks later merely expressing an influential considered cool for the moment.

This Harlem Shake craziness was not originally created this year. A visit back in time revealed that “Harlem Shake” was a dance that appeared in Harlem, New York. The year exactly was1981 created by Al B-originally called “The Albee”, which associated the dance to ancient Egyptian mummies. In addition, the song debuted in May, 2012 as a free download by Bauuer.

For a complete rundown of where it came from-since we all know now where it stands-visit's infographic to learn more by clicking here.

Notable metrics for meme Harlem Shake

  • Original video received 23 million views in less than a month
  • From February 4-10 12,000 copies were sold
  • YouTube upload rate of Harlem Shake video reached 4000 per day
  • 60 ad agencies using Harlem Shake to product products


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