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Internet Marketing 101: The trend toward mobile advertising


A mobile text ad. Photo by ikkoskinen

Mobile advertising is closely related to Internet marketing. Surprisingly, many savvy Internet marketers are not aware that the mobile advertising realm has a far greater reach than the Internet. (*There were an estimated global total of 3 billion mobile phone users in 2007 versus the current estimate of 800 million global users of the Internet*. Wikipedia)

The biggest difficulty currently faced by Internet marketers who would like to incorporate mobile advertising into their overall internet marketing strategy is that mobile is an inherently much different media than the traditional Internet. Mobile has the potential to bring together Internet, text, videos, gaming and more. Currently, mobile companies are mostly selling technology and tools. Internet marketers are waiting for an audience to target to go with the vast capabilities of mobile advertising.

With the increase of rich content coming to the mobile phone platform, Internet marketing, through mobile advertising, will be a much more effective method.

Another current difficulty Internet marketers are having with mobile advertising is that wireless companies want a bigger slice of the revenue piece then the ISPs ever asked for from interested advertisers.

Mobile advertising is definitely a fertile ground of opportunity and will play a significant role in the future of Internet marketing.

I recommend keeping up with as much news and information on this futuristic marketing strategy, so your company can add it to your Internet marketing campaigns at the optimal time (before the market becomes too saturated).

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  • Adesoji Adegbulu 5 years ago

    Nice stuff..

    I once came across check

  • Brian D. Hawkins 5 years ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if Google wasn't set to move in on and dominate the mobile advertising industry.

    I just registered my first .mobi domain to start a site designed for mobile devises. I figure if that's where we're heading I may as well jump on board.

  • R.J. Dick 5 years ago

    Good for you getting ahead of the curve!