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"Internet Map" is telling of the status of gaming

A beautifully detailed map of the internet.
A beautifully detailed map of the internet.
The 9988

Maps are beautiful works of art in and of themselves. Cartographers worked tirelessly to hand-draw the maps of old, and game designers do the same with the creation of huge virtual worlds inside of detailed games. Some maps are more interesting than others, and some show various demographics as opposed to geography.

This morning, Gizmodo published an article about one such demographic map detailing the status of the internet in the present time. "Map of the Internet 1.0" is still being worked on by its artist, The 9988 on Deviantart. This highly detailed piece goes above and beyond, giving demographics a geographical presence, and the results are truly stunning.

But what does the map tell us? Not only does this map represent the internet as a whole, but there is a section on the left hand side that seems to be dedicated to gaming circles, news sites, and online games themselves. Among the featured online games are favorites such as 'Runescape', 'League of Legends', and of course 'World of Warcraft'. Just a couple of days after Blizzard released an infographic ("World of Warcraft: Azeroth by the Numbers") with the bold heading of 100 million players throughout it's lifetime, you can see that geographically it's still the largest MMO as well.

On the right side of the map is another section of gaming companies, such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Activision, with some of the greatest titles in gaming as capital cities and coastal towns.

Overall, this piece is a sight to behold. An overwhelming amount of time and information went into the creation of this map, and it speaks volumes of the popularity of different websites and games as a whole. What is your interpretation of the geography of the internet and games?

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