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Internet infidelity.

Internet sex and porn are a recent phenomenon that has encroached on relationships and intimacy.

Internet infidelity, or cyber cheating has become a major problem to relationships in the past few years. Prior to the Internet, and the World Wide Web cheaters had to sneak out to commit their infidelity. Today, a cheating partner can be at home on the computer engaged in intimate conversation with someone else involved in a very real emotional infidelity. This behavior can be just as damaging to a relationship, as any other infidelity, and these Internet affairs often lead to real physical infidelity.

Internet Infidelity may begin by simply answering an e-mail spam from a site selling sexuality of some type. It could start by seeking out one of the thousands of porn sites, leading to a chat room, or by seeking a dating service. The gateway Cyber Sex seems endless. Initially things may start as simply flirting online, but many that start out with no intentions to cheat quickly grow into time and emotional consuming relationships. In today’s society by the growth of the entire social networking sites many of our social lives have crossed over to the Internet. Often this virtual world allows us to live out fantasies that we may not be able to in real life.

Cyber cheating may seem harmless to most participants, but it can damage a relationship just as easily as other forms of extramarital affairs. It needs to be addressed and confronted sooner rather than later in order to preserve a worthwhile committed relationship. The prevalence of Internet infidelity is increasing at an alarming rate as both men and women fall victim to a seemingly irresistible obsession for cybersex. The emotional connection made by the cheating partner with his or her electronic partners can be as powerful and detracting to a relationship as a physical affair. An increasing number of couples, and families are being torn apart by men, and women who turn to strangers in online liaisons, and pornography web sites. A shocking one third of all divorce cases involve or are caused by Internet infidelity.

Other statistics reveal that 50% of people engaged in Internet chat rooms have gone on to make phone contact with parties they met online, and 30% of online affairs start with simple e-mails, then progress to phone contact, and finally to personal contact. Actually over 30% of online chats led to eventual physical sexual contacts. If a spouse is suspected of Internet infidelity, his or her partner needs to confront them with their concerns. Cyber sex is too menacing an obsession, and too great a threat to any relationship to be ignored.
Not all Internet Infidelity is concerned with pornography or Chat Rooms. Other Internet obsessions can have drastic results. Recently a Colorado mother left her 13-month-old infant in the bathtub to play while she returned to and Internet game. While she concentrated on her obsessive game the child drowned. She had been warned, the day before by her mother that leaving the child alone in tub was dangerous; but her obsession over shadowed wisdom.

When a spouse is so obsessed by some Internet pursuit, such as games, gambling, hobbies, Face book communications, gaining financial information or playing the stock market for hours at a time, it is very likely their partner is emotionally and physically hungering for an infidelity of their own.

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