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Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta is the newest web browser released by Microsoft. Many people have already abandoned IE 7 and 8, deeming it unworthy in comparison to its competitors. The focus of IE9 is to not only keep up with competitors like Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox, but to surpass them altogether.

Websites and browsers of today are meant to only use a small amount of the computer's processing power. IE9 delves into the depths of the PC's graphics processor to make things like HD video run smooth, provide rich color, striking grahics and website load times faster. Websites will behave more like that of something installed on the computer because of the new JavaScript engine, Chakra.

IE9 finds new ways to create shortcuts by allowing one to pin their favorite sites to the task bar for a one-click access. The new tabbed pages will highlight the one's most commonly viewed sites.

The notifications look different. Instead of showing up at the top of the page, just under the tabs, it shows up at the bottom of the page and has clearer language.

The search box and address bar are now combined into one (called One Box). One can type either a search or a web address into the bar. By default the search engine is Bing and search suggestions are turned off for privacy. These can both be changed by going through the browsers settings.

Using Windows Aero Snap, tabs can now be dragged to be viewed side-by-side where before, they could only be viewed one at a time. Additionally, they can be dragged down to the task bar to be pinned for a later time and easy access. As stated before, when one creates a new tab, the most commonly viewed websites will appear.

In order to keep the experience of IE9 cleaner, the browser only has the most critical navigation buttons. Things like history and favorites pop out like a side menu and all tools like printing and exploring Internet Explorer's options are in a single pop out menu as well.

Security is one of the most important things that today's web surfers have to worry about. IE9 has improved its SmartScreen functionality since IE8. SmartScreen technology takes downloads and checks them against a database of "reputation data" to ensure that files with a high reputation are seamless and files with a low reputation will provide one with a notification that requires action before continuing.

With InPrivate browsing, one can browse websites without leaving a trace of their browsing history. InPrivate filtering allows for one to have more control over ads from third-party websites and gives one the ability to choose which information is viewed that said websites can use to track browsing activity. This is off by default and has to be enabled each time a new browsing session is opened. It can be accessed from the safety menu in IE9's settings.

IE9, just like 8, uses cross-site scripting to filter and detect attacks against websites and disable harmful scripts. This is important because people will often receive emails with links to an address that has been tampered with. IE9 works to prevent this.

Basically, IE9 is a faster, more convenient, cleaner and more secure browser. It is designed to work well with Windows 7 and also works with Vista. It is not, however, compatible with Windows XP.


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