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Internet companies are in charge of daily operations not baby sitting

Search engine business
Search engine business

The latest news is on Google, the search engine business. Parents have chosen to sue the search engine Google because children are finding something they shouldn’t have. It raises the key questions why is it that parents are not 1) watching what their children are doing on the Internet, 2) why is it that parents are not blocking how a child or their children search on the Internet?

A search engine has enough to be concerned of it is difficult enough to be concerned of cyber-crime and other factors taking place globally. Search engines should not need to be blamed for the job of what a parent cannot perform in the home.

Parents are the persons in control of their children's activity on the Internet, period. It is the parent(s) who must take control of what a child does on the Internet not Google. As a search engine, Google has enough to be concerned with throughout the day to even consider the idea of watching children for parents who cannot while they are on the Internet. This case must be thrown out when placed in front of the justice system as there are more important things to be concerned about at this time.