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International World Food Day 2010 pays tribute to one billion malnutritioned people worldwide

Today marks the International World Food Day 2010 in order to commemorate all of the humans who suffer from malnutrition or starvation every day. Over one billion people worldwide suffer from malnutrition, particularly individuals who live in African countries. According to the United Nations 30 countries suffer from malnutrition – 21 of which are located in Africa.

The European Union contributes 30 to 40 percent of all global aid given to fight malnutrition making it the largest contributor. Governments all around the world have united to fight this epidemic. Through the development of the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) countries all around the world have joined together to use technological advances to combat malnutrition issues. One such project is in development in Egypt. The WFP is creating a means for Egypt’s government to fortify wheat flour with essential vitamins that poor citizens do not receive through their diet.

In order to learn more about WFP and to contribute to the program, please visit


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