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International Women's Day, March 8, 2012: A suggested meditation

On behalf of women everywhere, we celebrate today. It’s International Women’s Day and although that may not mean a lot to a lot of folks, it’s a time to sit in silence knowing that in the world all over, it’s a day to celebrate women.

We know how amazing and special women are. We know that without women, there would be no birth. We know that without women’s energy, there would be greater chaos in the world. We know the power of women as strong leaders of families, but we also know the weaknesses of women as victims throughout the world’s societies, often living as silent victims in their own homes.

We also know the importance of our own Mother Earth, and yet we often feel helpless to do anything to help her. Before we begin sending love and light to the women of society and of our past, present, and future, let’s really allow ourselves to connect with the Mother and her Spirit. This woman makes all of this possible. Without this Mother, none of us would have the opportunity to experience life. Think about the gravity of that statement. As you allow yourself to sink into this meditation, sit with this Mother and dialogue with her trusting your intuition to guide your thoughts and words. As you feel led, move into the next part.

So this morning, and throughout the day, I ask you to join with me in holding women in the light.

Begin with yourself. Imagine the greatest and most brilliant light surrounding and nurturing who you are, and who you want to be. Have the light embrace and support you, as you envision its healing power, seeping into the crevices that may have cracked open under stresses of life. See it as a salve that could be a bit uncomfortable at first, but that you know you need. Sit with this image as long as you need. Then slowly move from yourself to your mother, her mother, your father’s mother, and extensions of both parents first. See them all as needing the same healing that you need, and that you are providing at this time. See them as having the same sort of problems and challenges, and whatever they may do/have done in the past that you didn’t agree with, allow the healing light to make it right. Allow forgiveness. Remember that they did not know what you know about healing. Again, take as long as you’d like. If you aren’t ready to forgive the women in your ancestral past, then move along to the ones in your present.

Imagine all your sisters, and all of your women friends who feel like sisters, and all the women in your life you would like to bring in as sisters. Bathe them in that same light. Take as long as you want. Picture them separately or in a group. Imagine each one or all receiving the healing that is so needed on this earth. Imagine your daughters, your granddaughters, your daughters in law, cousins, friends of these women, etc. Wrap them in a loving embrace reminding them to heal their wounds. No one can do it but them, but hold the light for them until the time is right.

Now widen your circle. Go to women of your acquaintance, women of your neighborhood, community, and city. Extend this same loving light outward to women close, then slowly and gradually extend it outward over our nation, until eventually you have extended it out to the world. Remember to especially hold those who have women’s challenges unique only to our gender. Remember to shine the light upon them, picturing them gaining strength and nourishment from the light. Spend as much time as your intuition guides you to.

When you are done, or when your time is over, put your left hand on the floor, and your right hand over your heart. Remember that left receives, and in this gesture, you are inviting the Mother to give you strength. As you have connected here, raise that same hand into the air and ask for love to fill and surround you as you walk through this and every day. Feel your heart beating and sustaining your life, and know—really know—that women everywhere have that same heartbeat, and that we all need each other.

Be light, just for today.

Laurie M. Knight, spiritual activist, can be reached through her writing site at Namaste.


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