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International Stinger

This drink was created along side it's siblings the golden dream and cadillac. This drink was likely created by galliano and certainly belongs to the Galliano era. Here is an early printing of this drink:

Newsweek: Volume 68, Part 2 in 1966

"INTERNATIONAL STINGER COCKTAIL 1 oz. Galliano 1/4 oz. Metaxa Shake well with cracked Strain into a cocktail glass"

This drink certainly derives it's name from the stinger and although the stinger could could possibly date to the 19th century, this drink was created after the Golden Dream and Golden Cadillac. It is clear why the name International was used, given the Greek liqueur is listed as in ingredient in all early literature.

This drink dates between 1965 - 1966 and contained at least as of then:

Stir these ingredients and strain over cracked ice:



Served in a chilled cocktail glass


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