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International Spy Museum spells out espionage

Spy enthusiasts, U.S. history buffs and movie fans of Jame Bonds can find their thrills and secrets at the International Spy Museum.

It is only fitting that the International Spy Museum is located in the nation's capital.
It is only fitting that the International Spy Museum is located in the nation's capital.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
It's a great way to spend some time to learn about who's who in the spy business.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Designed for families and large groups, the museum begins with a short video clip of the spy industry and who's who in the espionage business.

Located in downtown Washington, D.C., near Chinatown, the site on F Street is visible and easy to find through landmarks and signage pointing to this museum.


Inundated with information, tourists and visitors can walk with overwhelm with trivia and tidbit factoids about the spy industry. It is an ideal museum for all ages. Individuals and family groups will enjoy the entertainment value and the sneaky way the museum attempts to teach history of world wars.

The history of wars including the Cold War, American Revolution and World War I and II walks the international visitors through a timelines, notable spys and gadgets used during these historic events of the U.S.

At the end of the museum, a showcase of James Bond's infamous villains and criminals are highlighted with costumes, poster boards and life-size mannequins.


While the museum suggests three hours to spend quality time in the museum, it may take about half a day to read and participate in the interactive exhibits throughout the attraction. While self-guided tours are ideal to browse and take your time, the museum offers ticket upgrades to add a plethora of additional activities.


Tickets are $21.95 for adults while child prices cost $14.95. Combination tours are available for additional increase in costs.

Contact Information

International Spy Museum

800 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004



Tip A: Visit the museum during the early morning when it opens at 9 am. The crowds are overwhelming and it's hard to get a chance to try the numerous interactive exhibits throughout the museum.

Tip B: If you hate lines, check out the website on skipping the lines to buy tickets.

Tip C: The museum offers family packages to engage the children about the spy business through hands-on activities and assuming a fake identity to live through a life of a covert individual.

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