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@International Services Translates Your World with Across Language Talking

Over the last three decades, @International Services has been first in many breakthroughs in the language industry. Now it unveils its latest foray into global communication: the first voice translation software for business that translates what people say in real-time as they speak into 78languages. The same software also offers instant captions for the deaf, United Nations-style interpretation from theWeb, and sign language on the Web, making it the most universal communicator on the market today. The software is called Translate Your World and is geared up to redefine across-language global communication.

@International Services, along with its partner IntelaText, pioneered this first global communication software. The software is a hub that integrates all of the giants of technology under one umbrella: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Android, iPhone, SDL, Nuance, ReadSpeaker, and more. By uniting these market competitors and creating an environment in which thesegiants function harmoniously together as a team, the Translate Your World software:

· Empowers customers to conduct business around the world across languages

· Enables teachers to teach internationally from their classroom or office

· Provides the means for conferences to be instantly localized into dozens of languages

· Offers the hearing impaired new communication tools anywhere in the world, and

· Translates meetings in multiple languages at the same time

Sue Reager, CEO of @International Services, is a cultured woman of boundless energy with a long history as an international entrepreneur in global business. She speaks 10 languages, has worked in 17 countries, and describes language learning as “a headache on steroids”. She explains, “To learn ten languages, it took twenty pain-filled years of evenings spent studying plus long days suffering through business meetings in foreign languages. I lived with aspirin in my pocket. During the course of learning a language, for months I would sound illiterate, stumbling over strange sounds and words, and when I finally learned to speak the new language, my job took me to another country to start all over again. Finally, I declared that enough was enough, and set out to make it possible for people to communicate without the pain and time consumption involved in learning a new language. And we succeeded. With Translate Your World anyone can speak 78 languages – by next week.”

@International Services has a legacy of being first. Spearheaded by Sue Reager, @International Services was the first company to record voice actors inside China (then “Communist China”) without governmental supervision. It was first to voice-replace commercials and videos in 70 countries for American marketeers. The company was first to develop localization software for complex IVR systems that can function in 200 languages without changing code. And now, CEO Sue Reager joins the ranks of the handful of female inventors with clear foresight into the future of global communication combined with the ability to implement that vision. Her brainchild, Translate Your World, not only smashes language barriers, it also eliminates impediments to worldwide commerce and education.

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About the author: Ken Watts is a veteran journalist, former ABC News correspondent, TV news anchor and morning news host. Ken Watts has been honored with several Emmy awards, an Edward R. Murrow award, plus Silver Gavel and Associated Press awards and honors from the National Association of Black Journalists. Ken Watts has published several articles about Translate Your World and its vision of a new global future of communication across languages.

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