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International: Saudi terror support stopping or more called

The Saudis call for more international support to combat terror, but what they are not telling you is who they consider terror organizations. And we know already who they consider; their history speaks well.
The Saudis call for more international support to combat terror, but what they are not telling you is who they consider terror organizations. And we know already who they consider; their history speaks well. Composed by Michael Pulse

The appearance of ISIS (Da'ish) and its movements would seem to have caused…a sudden chill in Saudi Arabia’s politics. Years spent quietly enhancing and moving behind the scenes to spread only its form of Islamic teachings; conducted in schools for terrorism and is now seen in reality. One of the early problems last century was terror, by well funded schools set up to teach only what others dictated. Not just understanding one Islamic formation, but training the mind to act with terror against all who did not do the same. The world watched as Al Qaeda came to dominate this fear, but now ISIS is moving as well and they are acting even worse. Literally the movement to take control of terrorist camps has redeveloped the same ideology, not with religion but the means to control and publicize fear creating a population which follows.
The 3 million refugees from Syria exist because insanity was allowed to exist, disguised as governmental leadership, when we all knew it was not. Those in Syria wanted freedom not a dictator. But as world leadership ignored the situation for wanting not to disturb their relations with Saudi Arabia, ISIS started to take over, and international politics may accept stepping back once more. The refugees occur as only one thought is accepted, control through the induction of fear, and the increase of death. If international politicians want to be known as tyrants, they have the means to accept this by their willingness to do nothing. And on the other side, we have the Saudis telling everyone how terrorist must be stopped, the same who they have pumped millions of funds into it for years.
The same schools once offering to teach Islam, inducted students into terrorist training in the 1900’s, were always well funded much of it from the Saudis. But international politics looking the other way was a bargain made long ago. The Saudis now want to say they are going to fund international support against terrorism with $100 million. As the world watches the true nature of what they unleashed; we can tell this ‘gift’ is nothing more than a bid for further power. War criminals have always wanted to gain control of those who look to bring them in for judgment, now the Saudis look to do the same. The UN founding words, “Never again…” ring hollow as they have become aligned with so many war criminals already, accepting another is easier than every. President Obama’s speech over the Ukraine is but his desire to shift attention away from concerns, he did not want attention drawn to in the first place.
Fethullah Gulen is correct that ISIS does not represent Islam, or Mohamed, but the refugees are finding there is more needed than just words. Even living so close together, the populations segregated over the years is what has resisted offering support. Languages themselves being diverse separated people by national borders, as political controls did not allow contacts. Diversity offers long-term advantages, but as small groups are killed off, so is the diversity needed to bring about changes. And since the Saudis started supporting terrorism, they have not wanted the killing to end, until they eliminate all who do not follow them exactly. Training the mass populations to allows terror organizations to continue; even influencing this training across national borders has been a goal of expansion. Every empire must expand or die it is said.
One can occupy any ground in the world, but it is in the mind of those who resist leaving this ground where the real victory lies. The young Kurds have understood this, they do not want to give ground, nor do they turn their minds from what is happening. ISIS and others need to remove all resistance to their ideology because it can not survive within competitive regions. It only survives when all other competitions are removed, this does not follow the teaching of any religion, only dominance by fear. The same which has needed support of large funds to secure itself and resources to survive, all taken at the cost of other’s lives.
Al Qaeda did not grow on its own, it too gained funds, and as well as previous conflicts, drew recruits from the schools the Saudis had already set up for spreading terror. When Syria wanted freedom, the world watched knowing those in need would not be getting support as it should have. Now the incubation period is ending, and the support gained has become a virus like mindset, spreading further. Once more, world political leadership is doing only what has always done, using more money to promote less effective means. It is attempting to divert attention from this crisis to another, were there are less chances for failure, but no real solutions offered for either. Redirecting the public’s view away from the issues and those relationships global politicians do not want investigated.
The terrorist camps were created by the Saudis to amass a public following across the Islamic world, and as it has succeeded so have the actions of terror they funded. Now with more international political leadership being bought off, they want to control more information sources to be assured this empire expansion does not end. Empires come and go, but without the populations to assure it and gather resources, no empire is every successful. The Saudis are building an empire, one started and celebrated by violence and fear; do you really believe they are not changing their strategy? What creditability do they have anymore to even suggest such?

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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