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International: Realism hits hard, international responsibility needed

The US has been accused of walking back from the international stage; this political vacuum is now being filled as violence erupts further. Other international political players are finding themselves out-staged and lost, without the credibility to contin
The US has been accused of walking back from the international stage; this political vacuum is now being filled as violence erupts further. Other international political players are finding themselves out-staged and lost, without the credibility to contin
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The US did not want to go into Syria, as it would disturb both Russia and Iran, but the civilians fighting there gained support anyway. Now we are seeing those in this supportive group moving to direct its own actions, acting against one side only for now but by their creditability new actions will be forthcoming as well. The future will show as well these actions are not as isolated as many may think; this is what al-Qaeda formed to do. Now the ‘fruit’ of such having grown on its own is coming together and the international leadership has shown it has no idea how to deal with it. The magnitude of violence will increase, as those who should have removed it, have done little to nothing but ‘preach’ their own propaganda. This matter in the Middle East was on a small start, but it has taken hold to burn north and now east, such will not die on its own.
Fearing actions taken by both Russia and Iran, the US stood down when the call came from Syria, yet today we are seeing Russia taking action in the Ukraine. The current Ukrainian government is stating Russia is allowing weapons and volunteers to support the rebels. In efforts to support the attacks on the rebels, this same government is claiming them to be terrorists; just as the Syrian President once did. This point must not go unnoticed as gaining international attention has become one of the key factors in any modern evolving conflict. And international attention is now being moved back to the Middle East with both an Iraq invasion and Pakistan attacks, separating the international stage in preparations for more violence across the globe.
Those who did support the Syrian citizens were given support by the Saudis and others to keep the fighting going, not to end it. The desire to create a pipe-line from the oil fields to Europe was too strong for them to deny offering aid, but only indirectly for direct action would have revealed the truth. Now ISIS [the Islamist State of Iraq and Syria] has taken on further objectives, this to increase their potentials and create more mayhem. The banks seized and raided offered more funds as well, thus more weapons to be bought, for now it has resulted in a calming effect. But as already seen there are other actions to this ‘play’ which are forming to cause additional concerns.
Pakistan has seen trouble with the Taliban before, but recent efforts to calm them and regain peace by both Pakistan and the US are not working. It must be remembered they are not a ‘cult’ but a former government of Afghanistan, ousted for the violence they inflicted upon their own. Does anyone really think they would not do even worse to others…oh yes such a group would indeed do much worse. Promises made by them are rarely keep without violence being inflicted upon them first, and this means one has to be willing to seek them out as well. But their old friend and ally – al-Qaeda is showing what it can do as well, as if has formed relationships across the globe. These two taken together shows what happens when a political vacuum is filled by those who are violent, and not by those instilling conduct for the mass public.
International leadership has not reacted to the recent events because they do not consider them important, unless the public took notice. But even as the public has taken notice, it has only a limited attention span for such events, which them puts a limited attention span on the political processes each event incurs. Terrorist use this lack of attention to train and mobilize in, thus giving them any time at all allows their violence to increase without measure. The magnitude of violence then becomes worse, as they attempt to prove even more how willingly they serve by only one means, the spilling of blood. The ‘official’ international political leadership, becoming more concerned with self-promotions, has not looked at the facts or issues for some time; it now has to play ‘catch-up’.
The violence having spread is no long just in the North-African region, it has gone towards Europe and not proceeds East across the Middle East. The self-serving have taken control through their established methods and are moving accordingly, but the political operations have been seen as lacking creditability while the terrorist are seen as having means. As the violence grows so will become the need for defenses to such, yet without creditable international leadership to offer support, who is foolish enough to take such risk? The on-going US VA scandal shows how the global politics regards those taking such risk, a prime reason why international politicians will not receive support. The ‘flame’ of violence was put out in Egypt by public support and military intervention, yet the international politicians, having failed at home, started to take over and now we see them failing again.
The violence grows from the Ukraine South to Syria and East across Iraq towards Pakistan, yet without any resolutions to those who have already been sent to fight and establish peace. President Obama gave in to terrorist by trading for one solider, who many still do not trust, and yet those we do trust are left without even basic needs. In a world filling with global violence it needs international support to stop such, but without benefits to those who are taking all the risks, reason states such people will be hard to find. The international community has to start reacting with more concern instead of posturing for personal propaganda; they are not taking the risks but are looking to take all the rewards. What is left for those ordered to take risk, except to disregard political leaderships wording and fight as they must to survive?

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