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International real estate buyers

International buyers
International buyers
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

While some buyers may still feel a little apprehensive about buying real estate in today's market, many international buyers feel that real estate in the U.S. is still a good investment. And in some cases real estate in America is less expensive than in other countries.

Jacksonville has become a desirable location for many investors, at home and abroad. The sandy beaches and great climate has attracted many to make the first coast a second home or investment property. Interest rates are still at an all time low and prices have dropped due to the amount of foreclosures and short sales, making our market an attractive and economical place to invest. Foreign investment plays an important role in our local economy since a large number of U.S. property is purchased from those who live in other countries.

For those Realtors that have international buyers this is good news, and while Americans are still reeling from the over inflated market prices and the so-called collapse of our real estate market, real estate is still a sound investment. If you do your homework, talk to a Realtor, and work on keeping your credit on the right track, you just might find that perfect home you've been dreaming about.